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  1. I did read somewhere about state change and that it would clear it, however when i tried it that didn't seem to do anything.
  2. Clearing Variables does nothing at all to the memory, the llGetFreeMemory() shows no change and once that shows no more memory the script fails.
  3. Can anyone tell me if there is any possible way to clear Memory in Mono?
  4. I found the solution my self it was a setting i had turned on within the vehicle flags, that caused it to happen.
  5. I have a problem which i can't seem to find a good solution for, so i was wondering if anyone had any ideas how to fix this. I made a Vehicle using the Vehicle / Physics engine, now i have the problem that whenever the Vehicle goes up a to steep hill that at the top of it, it get's pushed off the ground due to the force applied to it, it then remains for a while in that rotation before it finally balances it self out, is there anyway to make the vehicle stick better to the ground and not have that happen?
  6. i think the list version might be the closest to what i want, the reason i wanted something in this style was cause in the old version i felt like i had to repeat the same commands to often, like stop a animation start a new one etc etc, i just wanting something to make it more compact.
  7. So in other words that ridewalk can't be pointed towards a string called ridewalk with the pointer to the actual name of the animation in the inventory
  8. string status = "walk"; but there is no way of using string currentanimation = "ride"+walk and then use that as the Play animation value, cause that just gives me no animation found
  9. no i mean since my animations are called like ridewalk, riderun etc i was hoping i could use the ride as a string and add avalue behind it which then make it ridewalk, but since it's a string i suppose that doesn't work
  10. yeah that is pretty much the issue, my only problem is since i have so many different animations the value i apply needs to be made out of 2 values, which of 1 is a string which seems to be the problem.
  11. ok so what i am trying to achieve or do is following il show a example. string animation = start_animation; string currentanimation; Now within the script i want to set the currentanimation with a string value which represents/ equal to animation currentanimation = "animation"; After i have that set i want to play the Animation llStartAnimation( currentanimation ); Now my problem is that i need to have the current animation point to start_animation rather then just be string value of animation, cause that doesn't work it only says that animation, animation can't be found in that case.
  12. So i have 2 global string startanimation which holds the value of the animation to play and currentanimation which holds the current animation to play, i am using the second cause i have multiple animations i want to play so i need to start and stop them. string startanimation = starting_animation; string currentanimation; Now within the script i want to have a section where the currentanimation is set with a string value, i then wanna use the currentanimation value within the start animation to point towards startanimation and use that value rather then the output of currentanimation, is that in anyway possible, cause if it is i can't figure out how to.
  13. while VEHICLE_FLAG_NO_DEFLECTION_UP may sound good and seem to be the solution it indeed is not at least not for me. The issue of what is happening is that the vehicle is hitting the mesh at a angle where the force makes it drive it self up a long the wall, i do indeed have that flag set but it does not stop it from happening. It's all really just about how your mesh or prims you use are angled.
  14. I basically fixed the climbing problem, i just added a invisible prim at the animals head or slightly above and it's fine now, however my only other problem is that it tends to fall to the front if a prim sticks out of the floor, lol
  15. climbing hills is not the problem, all i want is that the animal im riding doesn't climb up a house, i thought of using a script that if you bump into something it checks to see if something is in front of you and if your speed decays below a amount it will just set the animal none physical, but im not sure if that's the best way to handle it. It mostly happens if i speed up a hill it then lifts the animal slightly off ground and it hit's the house in a angle that allows it then to climb it.
  16. i did try increasing gravity but that didn't really seem to help.
  17. I have been playing around with ride able animals some using the vehicle scripts, now i just have 1 problem that whenever i run against a prim and keep running against it my animal will start climbing the prim/mesh, is there a easy way to fix this that i am just missing?
  18. I am in the progress of creating a pet animal with Mesh, my question now is what is the best way to make it look like it's actually walking while moving. Would i just make faces visible and transparent to make it look like it's walking ?
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