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  1. Im sure they exists. I thought i had one but after many excuses from his side to meet in rl i found out he wasnt what he made me believe he was. He lied the whole time about who he was, and not the single dad but a married man and a granddad in rl.
  2. I see more rl males who plays a female in sl. I know one who just plays a female he plays a lesbian who is addicted to bdsm.
  3. Hes from the uk and im from Holland , my son knows what to do if he should try to get in touch with him. I have him muted now i have to learn to ignore him .
  4. Its just unfair, he can go on like nothing happend and i have to start over spend a lot of money on a new account. LL doesnt do anything , i think i just stay away then.
  5. Why should i start over if hes the one who did this. I wish LL did something as block his two accounts for example.
  6. Well hes back, just as i thought he would be. I have him blocked but i know hes going to look me up, dont know how he does it but he always find me. Its not only me , i have a son with autism and he did all his best to get the trust of my son and my son is having a problem understanding it all. He took away my fun to be in sl.
  7. Im always real i dont play mind games. I didnt look for a relation sl nor rl ( just had my devorce in rl) He played it so good he fooled many of his "friends" in sl too.
  8. Hes back on his old account and i know what that means, hes going to stalk me,i blocked him but that has never stopped him before. He enjoys people getting upset over him. The mail from his wife is real i searched for her name on fb and found a rl pic of him and her. I doubt enything he ever told me now, indeed.
  9. 6 years ago i met someone in sl , i just had my devorce. We got a long very well. He was a single dad with a special need child, the child her mother left them when she was a baby. We voiced and video chatted outside sl. I went to see him in rl he didnt show up. Later he told me he was scared i would not like him and he had a depression. We tried to settle a date for him to come to see me. But everytime something came up from his side, losing his job, someone ill, no babysit etc. Anyway some weeks ago i got a mail from a woman saying shes his wife for a long time hes a father of 2 and alread
  10. Im missing a lot inventory items stuff i bought at the original owner store. And my photo album is completly empty :matte-motes-frown:
  11. Lol for me its worse lots of lag and lots of crashing. gr rebound
  12. rebound

    Soul back

    I wear the garlic so thats no problem anymore but i stil find it not fair that there is nothing to get complete out of that rp game.I wrote the creaters and they say bad luck but dont do anything for people who want to go out of that game.
  13. rebound

    Soul back

    :smileyvery-happy:Duh!!:matte-motes-nerdy: In the game they can get souls and its only fair someone can take it back . But that cant now so its not a fair game .
  14. rebound

    Soul back

    You can join bloodlines and when you in you never can go back only by wearing the garlic necklage. Why isnt there a posion like the wormwood for people who want there soul back?????
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