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  1. BUYERS BEWARE: We were contacted by someone that was a designer. They asked for money down to do the job, we paid $8,000 down payment on a total of $15,000 when delivered. We were THEN and only THEN told it would take a month. We asked for our money back right away as we could not wait that long: The response? I've already given the money to my boss I can't get it back. She refused to even try to give it back after numerous attempts and then on the following MOnday said she would have the product. MOnday: No product, no contact since, she's ignored us.. She took the money and ran. We have learned from this mistake. If you want to know who she is.. contact me in world and I'll gladly tell you. I post this to say to those seeking personally designed work, don't give money up front.
  2. I am seeking a custom camisk for my slave house. It will need to have rigged mesh and appliers. copy/trans Please contact me so we can discuss designs and pricing. In world: ashellia resident or mirakajira resident
  3. I am looking for a designer to assist me in creating a custom collar for use in my slave house. It will need to be copy/mod/trans. It will need to have open collar scripts and be able to have upgrade features. Please contact in world: ashellia resident or mirakajira resident
  4. It is now moving through other folders of clothes and accessories.
  5. Viewer: Firestorm 5.0 I logged in today and in my inventory I have folders with clothes in them. One folder is "Dresses". All dresses are in there. My inventory started piling on each and every dress and accessory in that folder. I take them off and they go right back on in order of how they appear in inventory. It goes to the bottom and starts over again if I remove them. I uninstalled firestorm with a clean uninstall and install. I have changed to another "outfit" in the inventory and it didn't stop it. I haven't received anything from anyone. I haven't opened any attachments in notices. Help!!
  6. The firm of McKinley & Associates can take care of your sim needs. We cross all boundaries of roleplay. UrbanWesternPrison & ConfinementJudge or Legal Representation ProvidedFamily LawCriminal DefenseLet us do the work for you without having to recruit for your sim. Contact: mirakajira resident (Mira Lynne McKinley)
  7. The law firm of McKinley & Associates will be opening soon. If you've ever wanted to be a lawyer, now is the time to get involved from the ground up. Wanting to be a legal assistant? Receptionist? The firm will be based out of a family roleplay sim, however, the practice and representation is open to all of Second Life. UrbanFamily Sim LawCriminal DefenseArrested?Marriage OfficiantDivorceCustody IssuesLegal SeparationYou name it, we'll be there to represent you. Further enhance your roleplay by taking it to a new and different level. Contact: mirakajira resident (Mira Lynne McKinley) for more information
  8. LM: http://maps.secondlife.com/secondlife/Canaan/110/107/22 Beautiful would describe the feeling, when you walk through your new neighborhood. Family roleplay at its best, you will find at Family Connection Living Community. Now Open! The Second Sim containing 11 beautiful designer homes with exquisite landscaped parcels. Each with their own ocean view, and full privacy. No annoying uninvited fires, burglaries, or thefts. We respect your right to roleplay, your way. 
  9. LM: http://maps.secondlife.com/secondlife/Canaan/158/68/22 Family Connection Foster Home is unlike any other on the grid. Recently featured in Envy Magazine: https://issuu.com/envymagazine/docs/envy_magazine_v1.9 Our Foster Home is not just a building with rooms for rent. We are the home until you find home. Serving two meals a day, family-style and offering weekly events and activities for all our residents. We love on the children, encourage them, let them dream, and give them a place to be until they find their family. Free bunks are available in limited quantity and private rooms are available. Come by and see us, introduce yourself, and let us get to know you.
  10. The door opens and the aroma of fresh baked good welcomes you to the McKinley Bakery. A wonderful opportunity to enhance your roleplay, datetime, or family time. Free to everyone on the Grid! Come visit the bakery and settle in for that first cup of the day, the after-dinner dessert, or just a place to hang out. LM: http://maps.secondlife.com/secondlife/Canaan/142/51/22 
  11. Now OPEN! SCOOPS ICE CREAM PARLOR! FREE! Come by and enjoy a scoop! Scoops-home of the 5 scooper! Great for after-dinner or to treat the kids! LM; http://maps.secondlife.com/secondlife/Canaan/125/118/22
  12. LM: http://maps.secondlife.com/secondlife/Canaan/147/110/22  Family Connection Living Community is once again blazing a new path in family role play! The courthouse at Family Connection Living Community is a FULL-SERVICE Family Court facility. Not just a building but a fully functional legal environment with skilled legal staff and judges to facilitate this extension of your role play. Specializing in family court including: * Adoptions - A courtroom setting is the backdrop for the “official” adoption of parent and child giving it a realistic beginning to your family. With a judge presiding over the proceeding, the role play unfolds with your friends bearing witness to such a beautiful union. An official Certificate of Adoption is filed with the Court Clerk and a copy given to both parent and child, signed and sealed by the presiding Judge. A very special time for family to become one comes to life in the courtroom and carries onto a lasting memory. * Weddings - Whether it is a courthouse elopement, ceremony, or held at your sim, you will find a personalized ceremony just for you. Whether it’s your own vows or ones we provide, your day will be beautiful and a day you will always remember. Other legal services offered: * Divorce * Custody * Legal Name Change * Legal Separation * Civil Dispute *Legal Representation on Arrest or Criminal Charge * Child Abandonment * Spouse Partner Abandonment * Termination of Parental RightsProfessional, experienced, and committed to family role play, we are here to offer a unique aspect to your Second Life like no other community on the grid. Visit us today at : http://maps.secondlife.com/secondli... Contact: Mira Lynne McKinley (mirakajira resident) for more information
  13. Family Conneciton Living Community is proud to announce the opening of our SECOND SIM! In addition to the vast amount of family-minded amenities, we now have even more residences available for rent! They won't last long especially at the rate per prim. The ocean breeze flows through the windows of your coastal home welcoming you to where you know you belong. Many homes to choose from, from two bedroom to mansion size. Amenities and Activities Include: *Courthouse actually engaged in practicing family law *Terrace Lounge and Grille Restaurant (5 star) *Church services every Sunday *Foster Home * Adoption Agency* Dating Agency* *Full-Service Family Medical Center *Scoops Ice Cream Parlor * Bakery* Slaps Children's Store* *Paddle Boats* Bike Rides* Beautiful Scenery * Privacy *Daily sim-wide events you can participate in Come see us, we're waiting to say... "Welcome Home" LANDMARK:http://maps.secondlife.com/secondlife/Canaan/110/108/22 Contact: Jorden Andrew or Mira Lynne McKinley (mirakajira resident)
  14. Family Connection Adoption & Dating Agency is now open at the Family Conneciton Living Community! We are a family-minded community with many amenities for our residents and those just seeking family roleplay grid-wide. Stop by our agency, come upstairs and have a cup of coffee and enjoy the atomosphere as you browse panels from other single who are seeking family roleplay and not just a hook up. LANDMARK: http://maps.secondlife.com/secondlife/Canaan/160/105/22 Contact: mirakajira resident for more information 
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