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  1. If you are using Phoenix Viewer, this is their way of trying to get us all to use Firestorm. It is causing MAJOR problems to my computer as well, and I am unable to close the programme down and it causes my computer to crash as well. This has been going on for months now and only with the latest version of Phoenix Viewer - they have done this so we all get sick of it and change to their favourite FIRESTORM - THANKS SECOND LIFE FOR CAUSING SO MANY PROBLEMS FOR EVERYONE - NOT!!!!!!!!!!
  2. And NO, I am NOT calling from AUSTRALIA so get that out of your think heads as I know that is EXACTLY the answer I will get - DREAM ON AMERICANS!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
  3. How the hell do I stup LL from taking money from my bank account ILLEGALLY when I cancelled my paid subscription MONTHS AGO and they keep stealing money from my account???????????? WHO THE HELL DO YOU PEOPLE THINK YOU ARE??????????????????????????????????
  4. I have a parcel of Linden Land that has been taken over by someone else. WHAT THE HELL????????????? No, I have absolutely NO idea which parcel of LAND I OWN!!!!!!!!!!!! OF COURSE I HAVE THE RIGHT PARCEL AND IT WAS FOR SALE BUT NOW SOME THIEF HAS THEIR JUNK ON MY LAND! NO, I HAVE NOT RECEIVED PAYMENT FOR MY LAND!
  5. I paid my landlord 36,000L one day before it was due, then she instantly started an argument so she had a reason to evict me. She has taken the Linden, my property has disappeared and has not been returned. What do I do? She also has all of my property, including over 100 horses which she has not returned. The tiers were due today and were paid yesterday, Australian time. I believe this person is scamming people. As soon as I paid the tiers, she commenced the abuse and evicted me. This is NOT right and should not be allowed by Linden Labs. Thank you very much for the link as I did not
  6. I am unable, suddenly, to move on my own property. The sim was just restarted and the lag is now worse than it was before. This is ridiculous! Can anyone tell me why this has suddenly occurred, when nothing else has changed on my 1/2 sim, no settings have been altered by me and I am nowhere within range of using my prim allowance. I have used less than half of my prim allowance so there should be no lag at all. HELP PLEASE!!!!!!!!!
  7. Can anyone PLEASE tell me why I am suddenly unable to terraform on my own land, cannot rezz or do anything, yet others can???? This makes no sense at all and just suddenly occurred. HELP please (((
  8. If I have purchased a parcel of land, what rights do I have, if any? I have also attempted to contact the person I purchased the land from to have terraforming enabled, but have not received a response. What am I able to do about this as there is also a time different as I reside in a different country to these people. The terraforming has been turned off on this parcel of land and I wish it to be turned on, which I am apparently able to request, but this has not been done and I have already paid one week's tiers and am unable to use the land the way I wish to. I also do not know whether t
  9. Stormylee1


    why can't I delete items from my cart in Marketplace?????? it says you know about the problem, but what have you done about it???? NOTHING! FIX IT PLEASE - YOU ARE DRIVING ME BLOODY NUTS!!!!!!!!!
  10. And, why am I unable to clear my cart in Marketplace???????????? What the heck is going on with your site?????? Nothing works and you have stolen my money - bunch of THIEVES!!!!!!!!!!!
  11. Why has my Premium account dispute not been actioned in any way, shape or form????? I feel you have robbed me of my money and I am TOTALLY disgusted with you people!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
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