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  1. I now can see myself and change my appearance - but as soon as I achieved this it seems my ability to teleport and go anywhere has been lost - goodness this is proving so much harder than I ever imagines.......I'm in Meadowbrook, have a house but can't go home. the map comes up when i click telport nothing happens.....and I thought I was ready for the newbie areas and to get learning now I can do anything, is there a problem the region is kickapoo I think? sorry Im a Newbie and trying soooooo hard to learn I really am. Kind regards! Srathe
  2. Hi I'm completely new to this, sorry I can tell newbie can be irritating...I have never seen myself, only ever seen a particle cloud. Registered as full member to make it easier hmmmm that didn't work. Can move round my house but can t see myself. Can see (very small) aspects of altering my image can move sliders but can't see the effect of this. I don't understand take of your wig/head whatever it is, as I opted for the image in the choice of the 'premade' avatars. Most of the language used is very 'in world' language, if someone could be quite specific or even meet me somewhere to show me..I'd be really grateful. I need to learn this for work purposes......And was hoping to have fun, not happening yet :-( hope someone might assist this annoying newbie, thanks and sorry guys. I'll improve promise! Thanks I hope Srathe (in world name) :matte-motes-crying:
  3. I've just arrived... I am a newbie as a teacher of HE disabled students, some of whom are on a creative degree, Second Life is used as a forum/space/performance destination as part of one of their Multimedia Creative Performance modules, therfore I'm learning from the bottom up in order I can best support them, know how to take evidence snapshots, be in world with them as they 'perform', assist them practically, if I can learn it adequately, quickly enough. Bought premium membership to enable myself to 'hit the ground faster......' so to speak, this initial tip to 'stay tidy and categorise', is not in my reallife nature, but is proving necessary more and more on a practical level.....with three children and a busines and heading a charity, I've had to become a filer not a piler as I am innately - although I do admit to having an assistant now for work and a housekeeper at home to assist - I'm disabled to and so to be walking is something unusual to me, I ponder as I type what the disabled populous is on SL, do peeps refelect their truth or fly, walk dance and move as they can't....... Anyway thanks for this tip I'm grateful for any help, assistnace, freebies, tutorials or guides - even personal guides, do they exist? Thanks loads so far.......from a rubblish newbie - I'm still just a cloud of energy, cn't even see myself.......arrgghhh, certainly don't have anything to dress in.....and with no body that'd be hard. Have done the IP tutorial for making stuff though so that's one thing ticked off the virtual list I could do with and can move around and sit and stuff - and walk upstairs after some practice,lol..... Thanks again folk and creatures and lovely creations S
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