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  1. I bought the Trinity head and one of the new appliers. However when I try to change the eyebrow color via the HUD (I'm a redhead) I get a white/gray brow above it! What would cause this? I also wear a glow skin head bald if that matters. 
  2. Slink has one of the best customer service in Second Life. Send an IM to Slink Resident describing the problem you are having with your hands and she will contact you. Also, if you joined the Slink Group, you can ask there. The community is very friendly and helpful and often both Siddean and SoCS are online and will be available to help. I don't know anything about the Cute Azz but you should be able to contact CK Winx and ask her. Or check in the store and see if there is any additional information available there.
  3. Problem solved. Thanks everybody for your help.
  4. Does anyone know what the shape is in this picture? http://earthstones.files.wordpress.com/2013/11/simply-put-poster-ladies.png I know the skin is LAQ and the eyes Earthstone but I really like the heart shape of the face.
  5. It's annoying but there is not really anything you can do about it other than get a short hair style or an updo. Or stand very still and even then some style will still go into your body.
  6. Since you land in Second Life with a skin, shape, eyes, clothes, etc., those really are a given. They may be ugly as all get out, but you have them. Personally, I think every avatar should have an operator (the RL person at the keyboard) who has at least a vague idea of what they want to do, learn or get out of Second Life. There is a lot more information about Second Life on the Web than there was just a few years ago. Whether it is socializing, shopping, combat, sex, building or roleplaying, a person needs to have an idea in the back of their mind. All the material things will come with t
  7. Belleza only provides Slink appliers for their newer skins. Since I have one of the older ones but really wanted the Slink feet and hands, I contacted the Slink Customer Service. They went above and beyond to match my skin tone perfectly! They even came and worked with me so I could get the perfect match (I was having issues with all the things you need to use). With so many designers now doing shoes, stockings and nails for the Slink Appliers they are well worth the cost. I'm looking forward to doing more shoe shopping now!
  8. Annabelle do your socks work with all three types of feet (flat, mid and high)?
  9. Jeanie, The "better" link drops people in the water......
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