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  1. I have recently bought a 17inch Mac Book pro after using an imac for several years. Im so disappointed using SL on it. The temperature jumps up as soon as SL is switched on and I can hear the noise through my headphones. People in the next room ask me whats wrong with my computer. Its not a fault, this only happens on Second Life. no other applications or games. It just uses so much of the CPU. The various temperture control units you can use only really give you options to increase fan speed, so you have no relief from the noise. Presumably the fans are doing their job because the Mac Book Pro just gets too hot with SL. There is a design fault, this shouldnt happen, but probably so few people use SL on it, nothing will get done. The guy at the Mac store looked at me like I was insane when I suggested something was wrong with the design. But my wife runs SL on her £300 Dell laptop with no heat problems at all. I paid £2300 for the Mac Book Pro thinking Id be getting something special, but it is more or less unusable for SL. The imac was brilliant. No heat or fan problems. I so wish I'd never changed
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