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  1. No I most certainly do not!!!! OMG, how horribly rude!!! That whole stupid idea of lusting after some famous person is just absolutely horrible, it is just so rude you do not even know the person whatsoever. It is completely objectifying someone even more than this society already does. If I was with someone who I cared about and who was treating me properly why would I even dream of looking at someone else? That is not how real love works.....if a man truly loved a woman, he could walk into a room with a hundred naked chicks and never even notice because he would only have eyes for his wife....that is love....and that is how a REAL man would behave. OMG Winter... Are u serious!!! REALLY!!!! U really need to take your head out of the sand, if you believe that true love is that a man should be able walk into al from full of naked women that he would NOT LOOK common he would, as we all do it is our nature, an women look too!!!. So please do claim that using your hand or devices is cheating.Because it is not. And the fact to u live in a century were u did not have divorce is because like some one else said. "divorce was not allowed, and the Men had Many mistresses, and the wife just had to accept and did" so please think about what u are saying, the changes of u finding a man that live up to your standers is slim to non.!!! And if he does ecsiste...well check on him as I am sure he will FAIL your test of walking through a room full of nude women..heheheh:))
  2. Hello Everyone Thank you for your comments, it is great to read your comments:) As I at the same as I want to share with you what she told me the other day (it was on of the first days she played) in she was at dancing...so I asked her if she wanted me to join her and she said "no.It's enough to have in Rl..heheh" as I laughter tooand though it was funny too. Like Said earlier we have tell each other everything, and we don't have jealousy problem either in RL or SL, which why we don't get bothered by a lot of the petites things in SL.. So everyone who is reading enjoy SL and have fun don't be bothered by the stupid thingsSl is supposed to be fun game so why make it complicated or make it like in Rl, Take care everyone and see u in SL )
  3. HI Sonja How are u, hope things are going good for u and your SSL/Rl Bf, long time since I have talked to you:) Well in reference to your question, yes she does have very good skin that we bought and also we spend quite a bit of time on it to make it good. Along with buying er some nice outfits and shooes, she got the striping job at a strip club she went to try to start working there and she met the guy there who told her he colud help her and shoed her around, and he said she could strip for him, as he had pole and striper things at his place, so she went him and she striped from him and then he gave her money for this, and also she did for some for a women too she told me :hehehe:) so there u go..
  4. Hi eveyone For some reson I can no longer get music to play at my own place, abnd I dont know why:) ihave tried to turn it on an of may times but nothinge change\, I hvave changed the statiosn, but sitll nothing (to stations that have worrked before) I have tried to clean my cashe but still nohting, pleas if anyone could help me it would be grate:) Thank you Leo
  5. Hi everyone Ok so I am following up on my pervious thread on Sl and RL Feelings, first I want to thank you all for your answers it was greatly appreciated and one answer that truly did explain who different people play the game, as truly nobody could have said it better.. So here is my thing this time. My RL GF started playing this game a about a week ago after I told her about it, and I told her everything, (tried sex, had/have gf in SL, flirt and try to seduce) and she though it was funny, and told me she wanted to play to, so we created a AV that is Rely nice and that she is now enjoying. She goes to her places, and I go to mind. So we don’t have much to do with each other in SL (except for that we sit right next to each other when we play the game..hehehe) and she has only been there for one week and already she has made about L$3000 by doing some private strip show for some people….heheh :matte-motes-kiss: it s not fair I have been here for about a month and still have not made a Dime…heheheh.:matte-motes-big-grin-wink: When I told all my friends that my RL GF had joined the game and so on.. they all said that they would stay away and say nothing to her about anything and so on and hoped that me and her would have a good time in SL together. When I told them that they had nothing to worry about and that she know everything and how she though it was funny and would llike for us to play on our own. They all laughed. I guess I am wondering is this abnormal for RL partner to play separately and do things on their own? Or do a lot of people not tell their Rl Parnter about what is going on in SL? I just got the impression that quite a few people don’t tell there RL partner (if they have one) about there Sl life is this true or is it just me who thinks so . Thank you again for all your answers Take care u all.. Leo
  6. Hello everybody My RL GF who started playing the game a few days ago and is loving it, how ever she cliked on somthing by accident and now she is a male, and dont know what do to, as I am at work in RL i can do much, but i told here to go to Helping Haven but nobody or no one is coming to help here, if anyone want to help her, pleace look her up her name is Felice24 and just tell that her BF in RL said she need help to look the way she did. thank you very mcuh for anybody that can help
  7. Hello everybody My RL GF who started playing the game a few days ago and is loving it, how ever she cliked on somthing by accident and now she is a male, and dont know what do to, as I am at work in RL i can do much, but i told here to go to Helping Haven but nobody or no one is coming to help here, if anyone want to help her, pleace look her up her name is Felice24 and just tell that her BF in RL said she need help to look the way she did. thank you very mcuh for anybody that can help
  8. HI Ceera Thank you for your in depth answer it was very enlightening to read, and it also makes a lot of sense, thank you. Leo
  9. Thank you Jena, It is strange, as I did this a few days ago, so when I you told me what I could do, I went to see if it was not here, and it was not!, So thank you I have now put it back that In Rl I have a GF who I love with all my hart (witch I do ) Thank you
  10. HI Ok so I am still new and trying to understand all of this, well first I want to say I am now single again in SL…hehehe:matte-motes-bashful-cute-2: as me and my SL gf broke it off but it was a mutual decision (she did not like the look of her Av and could not get it wright:matte-motes-big-grin:) so we decide to just let it be, but I still flirt with her other alt which is likes and we have fun with it Anyway what I would like to know and understand is, I keep seeing all this broken harts in here, of women and some male too being left by there SL bf/gf/husband/wife, because they were cheated on, or what ever and asking to be cured form having the hart broken again, which I do believe there is no cure for neither in SL or RL. But what I see is that a lot of people get there feelings mixed up , and unintentionally bring there Sl feelings and make them RL, which is ok, but then they also have to be aware of that something might happen, like there bf leaves them or catch them cheating or whatever, and they get there hart broken. It kind of worries me as I wonder if some of my female friends here in SL is starting to getting “deeper “feelings for me, as I get this impression the way they are and the way they talk to me and say thing, and a few of them sends me IM shortly after I come online and they happened to be on-line too. Maybe I am over reacting for al I know(that would be good:matte-motes-bashful-cute-2:)). But if I am not!! Then what should I do. Remind them every time they come on lin that in RL I have a gf that I love, so we will only be just friends. So if anyone has any good suggestions so that I don’t look like the bad guy, I am being honest and upfront with them as what I like and how I play. I please don’t look at me as being conceded or that I think I”I am all that” because I don`t. In any case it is my AV who is getting all the attention form the women, all I do is tell them what he should sayJ One thing I do believe also is that it is easier for a someone who is attached to keep there SL Feeling and RL Feeling separate, then it is for someone who is Single. I do belive that if I was single I would have to keep reminding myself a lot more that this a game, and make sure That I keep it all light thanks
  11. Hi Innula Here is the name of the Thread: Caught his ass cheating! You will find it under friends and Relatioship, it is about somebdoy cheating on his gf/wife.. I was more curious of how she found out, and saw his frinds list and pics. with oout his concent..
  12. Hi Innula Here is the name of the Thread: Caught his ass cheating! You will find it under friends and Relatioship, it is about somebdoy cheating on his gf/wife.. I was more curious of how she found out, and saw his frinds list and pics. with oout his concent..
  13. I saw this in another thread here "Turns out his friends list was full of other woman and he had nude pictures together with some chick." I am very curious of who did she find this out.?? That his friends list was full of women and that he had nude photo with him and another girl, did she hack into his account somehow and find this:) or is this something you can easily find out from anybody you are friends with:? If this is allowed that mean you don't have any privacy there in SL, and I find that hard to believe. Or is just me who is thinking to hard about it, I don't want to know that friends can go onto my account and see how I am friends with and wee what I have photos of. I don't have anything to hide, but still I don't want to know that people can do this, without my consent. AGAin maybe I am being paranoid, but I would just like to know thanks for your answers:)) Leo
  14. Hi everyone I was wondering if there is a way that you can see if there is a lot of people at a location before you Tp over, quite a few times I have found a cool place and TP over there but when I get there it is Empty. So is there way to find out if there is a lot people, or do u just have to ask your friends who is online if there is a lot of people there. Thank for your help
  15. WhiteLione


    Hi Virtz And welcome to Secondlife, i am very new myself as I am only a bit more then 2 sweeks:) but I have already made some very nice freinds and people have been very frindly. as they will be to you als, os please feeel free IM me add me as frind next time you are onlilne. Also Take Hippie up on his offer for his friends ship, he is great guy and help me seomand we have become good frinds, and I enjy very much and he can tell you alot, rember this all a big learning curve where you will keep learnig:) Take care for now, I lookforward to see you online Whitelione
  16. HI Charly I can see how that can be frustrating at times in regards to English. If you were giving me a compliment on my english I will say thank you:)9 Even though in my last post there was a lot of spelling mistakes, but I take it saw pass that. As the most comen language spoken her is English I still see alot of people using translator to converse and that is not easy always:) but I hope you have had some success with these datating sites and not all bad:) Thank you for your input, it is great. WhiteLione
  17. Hello everyone. I just want ot say thank you to all of your for your coments, It5 was greatt o see that so many wanted to share there opnion on my queston bout datin in SL. I also want to say that I like your coments with what most of you are saying about mixing Sl & RL, I think you can mkae some where good frinds her and then you feel close enough and you start sharing things in RL wiht. I was not so mucb reffering to not share RL things with peopløe that you feel close to and have nown for long time. I was reffering more to certain sitation such as Controle, Posesion, and jealousy. and tell so who you can and can not be freinds with,Unless both people are plyaing this game this will not work, and thais my point. I agre that I am only two weeeks old and have a lot to learn still, and I am still learing but Iam having in fun. and I do want to mention that in RL i do have a gf who I love with all my hart, and she might start palying SL to, and we have agreed that we wil be seperate in SL. this way we can talk ourlives in SL and have fun:)) Plus this way we can "interact" in a way when she is away ..
  18. HI Ceera thanks you for your post, even though it did not have much to do about what i was asking I liked it:matte-motes-big-grin-wink: Wow that was pretty heavy:smileywink:, and i agree that you dont know who is on the other side. that is why i think that it is so important to keep this lilte and not ot hink tha the avatar is a carbon copy of the person in RL. like u said we cdont know if the person on the other side. but a the same time Wrable is rihgt in her opnion too. you can fall in love in SL and make it RL, but yes it is far and inbetween. i thihk it as important to keep M;ost of your RL to yurself, and not tell them your whole life sotry, and everything. there is to many scamers out there and this cuuld easily be there haven for getting your personal info.
  19. Hi Hippie Thank you it was great to met you too, And I very much apprciate that you inviting me over to your place and look forward to ge the chance to hang out again, learning more from you. HAve great day, and talk to you later Leo
  20. thank you for your input Venus:) i will continu to enjoy my time here at SL and experince new things and places... I agree that you have to treat everyone with the same respect you would in Rl, it is only polite and I ffel most people heree at SL aprrciate it...I know I do apriciate when people are treating me the same...:matte-motes-sarcasm: I was brought up to be Gentelman, and that I goes for SL too:matte-motes-big-grin-wink:
  21. Thank you for your coments I very much appriciate them wrable amat:) I agree if you are looking for love of course it should be as much in SL as in RL i was just curious of what people had got out off it and if it was like it is in Rl:) iFor the poeple hwo have met sombdoy through this AVMatch.com I am very happy for tme and whish them the best.:matte-motes-big-grin-wink: As for the Jealusy and Controle I agrree these are things you need to wrok on RL and get them under controle. First time I met this perosn I did get the feeling the peson had some issus, but first I thoughthis was only part of of his RP here, but then I foun d form another person, that this had start also to become in RL, and would not let the person be alsne in SL and so on...So Jealsaouy or Controle does not belong her in SL, at all
  22. I have been her now for two weeks and enjoyed my life here at SL very much have made some nice friends so I don’t have anything to complain about, I have even met some one who I hit it off with very well and we are now GF/BF here at SL, which is fun:), she has been her for few month alreadty, so she now more then me, but we both want the think out of SL and so we have alone time, and times when we are the bf/gf couple which is perffect. this way we get to explore things and bee with our frinds speratly and things like this:)) Anyway what I am wondering about is today I found this sight called AVMatch.Com the dating sight for secondlife, and I was surprised to see how many was a member there. How come people use this site to met somebody, I did not think it would be hard to find somebody here in SL just by hanging around and going to different places, I have nothing against this type of site I think it is great that have it, but wondering if somebody have tried it, ads what there experience was. Love to hear other people opinions on this and what they think about it PS. I have also notice3d that some people are mixing SL and RL a bit to much together, and brings in RL Jealousy and control that is not good … Take everyone, look forward to read your opinions on this.
  23. I am sorry to hear about your situation, love hurts no matter if it is in SL or RL. And like so many other have said here. With time you will feel better, but one thing I can say is that the love you feel in RL when you meet the person, is something special an feeling that cannot be explainedJ I am sure you will find the right sooner than u think. Remember everything is possible in SL, but live it more as Fantasy and you will get more out of itJ I always keep thinking lite and keep RL out most of the time, unless it is about not being able to come online because RL situations, I also make sure that when I in the company or femal and getting to know them, I make sure they know very early that in RL I have a GF that I love with all my hart, (which I do) this way I take out the chance of this envolving into something RL for both of us and we can play the game as RP and enjoy it more, most people agree on this. So if it is one thing I will sugest for you next time, be upfront of what have happened, and that is a game, and leave the daily RL life situations outside, then you will enjoy the game more., Take care and rember your hart will heal,
  24. HI everyone I must be doing something wrong:matte-motes-big-grin-squint:, maybe I smell bad...heheh.:) last time I started a thread i must have been to confursing of waht I was looking for :) Anyway I am about 12 days old and still learing my way around. but mostly I like to have more friendsfrinds to hang out with. I like to explore, dance hang out and have fun. more u will find out as we start chatting :matte-motes-big-grin-wink:so if you lilke to get to hang out and get to know eacho otherr add me or IM me:matte-motes-big-grin-evil: looking for ward to get to know u ohh pleas dont give me lilnk to of places to met peole or explanation on how to, i know you mean well bu:) but I am just looking to make new frinnds to hav fun iwth :)) take care and looking for to you see all of you online:)) WhiteLione (leo)
  25. Hi Amber I have only been for 10 days, I am looking for frinds to met up with and hangout:) great to have u as frind. add me if you feel like it, keep having fun her at SL:) WhiteLione (Leo):matte-motes-big-grin-wink:
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