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  1. Right, Age range....26-32 I usually get along with funny, goofy people, and I need a romantic so if we fall in love we can focus on satisfying each other, because I have a HUGE heart, and if we become one, I'd want to please my woman. That's why I use voice in those situations. Voice is not a requirement for "you", but is preferable. Also want someone that we could spend lots of time doing stuff together. My last ex kept to herself...didn't work in the end.
  2. ...Like some other people here, I am sick and tired of being hurt time after time after time. Are there any good genuine women out there? One of my friends said to think about what I want first. So I did that. So, if any woman wants these things as well, IM me please lol * - Single (In both worlds) * - SL ONLY. I've heard of horror stories. * - Must be into Amaretto Horses. * - Must use your real heart/feelings * - This will NOT be a sexual relationship at first. I have to completely fall in love with someone before I even THINK of doing the nasty. But if we fall madly in love with each other, after the initial "I want you NOW!" period, I'd only require once or so a week. It's called maintenance sex. It's kind of like a campfire. Campfire dies if you don't throw wood on, right? * - Must be open to change...say if the horses suddenly decide to fizzle out, and we have to find a new thing to do. * - Must be online a lot. I am, heh. So, if any of you ladies want these same things, IM me. We might get along like peanut butter and jelly. :)
  3. Hi there too, new person here and yadda yadda... My question. If I wanted to sell an album here in SL, since I cannot exactly sell an album...would it be okay if I did it this way? I typed up a notecard already: Thank you for your purchase of (Album Name Here). Due to limitations with SL, I cannot sell my albums directly. I CAN however provide you with a link to the album (Zipped), complete with cover art, liner notes, and the music that you have bought. Here is your album: http://www.albumgoes.here Thank you again for buying music from me! Your support means I can make more music for you. -Draconiator
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