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  1. All of the replies have been helpful but this here made me realize what it is I needed to do to make both dimensions match. Was as simple as looking for the polys that extend furthest and matching those as best as I could to the high poly model and then copying the dimension values so it was exact. Needed a little more wiggling after that but then it was perfect. Thank you everyone! Was much less painful than I was anticipating. :P
  2. First of all, hey. Secondly. sorry if I explain this poorly. Instead of letting SLs uploader create the ugly shrapnel low poly models for me, I'm trying to create my own. The problem being, since I've removed polys and the dimensions on both aren't exact (technically they can't be without distortion of the lower one, right? And it would be pretty finicky to get it exact. How would I even go about that?), the uploader is re-sizing and distorting the lower poly model to have the same dimensions as the higher one. The scale for both has been applied and the origin is the same. This wouldn't matter so much if it weren't that I have an overlay layer that I want to sit nicely on top still without clipping. However it's clipping horribly in SL even though it looks fine in Blender. Aside from making an outer box around the entire mesh and making it transparent so that both have the exact same dimensions, is there any other way to make this work? How do other people do this? I've tried all sorts of searching around for an answer and haven't come up with much so any help is appreciated!
  3. Thanks for your answer and confirming my suspicions. Too bad I don't remember the exact size I shrunk the bones to and I don't think I can check because the scale was already applied. Guess I'll just have to get it as close as possible.
  4. Hey everyone. I'm usually able to muddle through most things on my own and I think I already know the answer but I want to be completely sure so I don't have to do more work than needed. I created a tiny mesh avatar before all the new bento bones were released. I've been using this base deformer (which is a tiny polygon that you wear alongside the avatar mesh) for all my tiny avatars that I've created. What I'm wanting to do is make tiny bento hands for a particular avatar, but does that mean I have to entirely re-do my deformer with the new bento bones so that the shrunken fingers can be accounted for? Or can I technically have two deformers working simultaneously? I know you don't need all bones accounted for as there's now too many, so I've tried deleting a bunch of bones until I'm left with only the fingers, wrist, and elbow so that I don't have two deformers doing the same thing. However, this has the outcome of making the arms do some odd stretch armstrong things. I've tried shrinking only the hand parts so that those are the only joint positions changed (and hopefully the other joint positions are ignored on upload), but it still accounts for those joints in the upload, and stretches out my avatar, with the hands shrunken. Hopefully I've explained this well enough. I'm assuming I just need to re-do the whole avatar deformer to have these new bento bones included, rather than having one specifically for the hands. Is that correct?
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