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  1. We do pay LL land fees though for mainland for something right?. Why not try it.. reserve some mainland to sell to ppl who desire single family residency willing to keep skybuilds over 500 meters etc. Worth a try and LL can earn some $ vs land sharks. My next question: I THOUGHT maintenance land that says not for sale is not for sale. I did purchase a small plot from someone else higher than the going LL rate and was enjoying a large empty maintenance land next to it for quite a while then suddenly a huge section of it was owned by a rental agency who stacked rentals on it and another piece of it sold to a store and another piece to an individual literally all within a couple days. I NEVER saw for sale marks on the land. Can a person put in a ticket to buy maintenance land that says not for sale? I NEVER saw it for sale but must all of a huge area been changed literally within a couple days? How /why would that happen? I would have liked some of it or at least preferred it to remain open vs stacked laggy rentals and a store? Now my new concern is i have another separate small plot that has maintenance land next to it.. will it suddenly be for sale or can I put in a ticket to buy some of the maintenance land next to it? I thought maintenance land was for LL to maintain some land to reduce lag and keep a sim.. idk nicer? Can I request to buy some maintenance land ... before someone else gets it? How does maintenance land work?
  2. Why can't /doesn't LL dedicate some mainland for those seeking residence on mainland and incorporate a few easy rules for such areas, similar to rental landlords, specifically no low lying skyboxes or sandbox type things below 500m? I recently took advantage of the premium benefit and purchased my first mainland area. I spent quite a bit of time finding a space not surrounded by a lot of low lying airspace things cluttering the sky or other things that were not overly appealing to me, when I just wanted to purchase a space to live. The coast seems to be sold and resold for high prices and is a little more residential, as people tend to want to live there vs putting up a shop, renting column skyboxes, or using it as a sandbox. What is the reason LL doesn't have areas where no sky builds can be below 500m, and maybe a few other easy rules? I think it would greatly improve their land sales. Also, why is some of the mainland SO hilly to the extent that it cant all fully be terraformed flat? There must be logical reasons for these things, but so far I haven't figured them out. I think they want more people to purchase mainland and enjoy that, and right now some other landlords are making a ton of money with markup on some nice land spaces. LL could be making money off this. Granted there may be a little monitoring or checking on people who don't cooperate, but maybe they could designate home owner association presidents to check up on complaints or something like that.. or at least try a relatively little area with a few extra rules. LL DOES still get land fees from people who own larger parcels than their premium covers. They have rules about land rating, why not a few extra easy rules in certain areas. Maybe they could have dedicated mainland sections like residential, business, company, rentals, sandbox, etc. I really don't know what might work best, but I saw people clammoring for quality land spots, other scalping others for the prim locations, and MUCH junk, err, things in the air but still very low lying tings, obstructing views of many others w/out a care. I even saw some block in others on the coast so their tiny water can't open to the open water any more, stacked column rentals from ground way up into the sky, etc. It's quite interesting but I do think more mainland could be sold by LL if there were dedicated areas for those just wanting a nice residential area. People might landscape beautiful areas. Right now the only option for a beautiful area is derendering a lot of air objects.
  3. Does anyone know of a current good dandelion field I might take some photos in? I can always make one, but figured if there is one already done well, all the better. Thanks
  4. Free Club! Owner/Manager Wanted Are you interested in running your own club? Please contact us regarding this unique opportunity for a free club to manage in a well established fun sim. The prior owner's RL took over and now the club needs a new owner to run it, schedule djs, coordinate events, and be creative. Successful candidate will get the club to run, and keep all club venue tips. The Station Club is over a year old in it's current style, and over 2 years old total on the sim, with established staff and guest groups. The Steampunk theme setting has hosted all genre and is ideal as a steamy blues club. For more information contact Enigmatic Deir, sim owner, Sonrisa Seminario, sim manager, or Kara Trapdoor, sim gallery curator. Visit here: http://maps.secondlife.com/secondlife/The%20Station/216/87/1041 Some Video here: club events: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=YKPPQq0rdS0&list=UUZEsV0fwUr6wE6XaLuZfd1A Sim scenes: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=DvEZUii0cN4&list=UUZEsV0fwUr6wE6XaLuZfd1A
  5. Seeking experience or quality reliable dj with potential and a stream able to work a shift of 1 to 3 hrs between 7-10pm SLT. Blues, jazz, classic rock. Please contact Kara Trapdoor at Karatrap@yahoo.comom sending an additional note to Kara Trapdoor at My.secondlife.com to express interest and for more information.
  6. Hi, I"m opening a new club and am in need of one or more reliable djs for Tuesday evenings only between 7-10pm SLT for jazz/blues/classic rock. Thursday night is house music and there may be occasion for fill-ins at times for the type of music you have listed. If you available with this type of music and are interested please contact me inworld (Kara Trapdoor) or at Karatrap@yahoo.com
  7. New club with high potential opening this weekend seeing blues/jazz/classic rock djs. Contact Kara Trapdoor at Karatrap@yahoo.com. Thanks
  8. Personally I think some of the best ways to meet others in SL is to find large groups of people with like interests, such as: -Go to a popular dance club like Club Ambrosia, Big Daddy's, or Club Zero or one with a style of music a person likes and don't be afraid to IM and talk with people. (Use search, although there are many places that are just empty all the time) -Read people's profiles to get ideas about places others like and things that SL has to offer, even teleporting right from their profile pics if desired. -Check the LL events calendar and go to some of those, as often many people congregate for special events in areas that may not otherwise have a large group. -Go to live music venues during peak event times such as The Roof on Mondays and Wednesday evenings when there are always a lot of pepople having fun, or Key West. -Find the latest great sim explores off the destination guide features or editors pics. Some of the very nice sims to explore and dance in generally always have a lot of friendly people like in Tempura. -Join groups that hold a lot of big events and have many members such as BOSL (The Best of Second Life), Fab Free, or some of the events groups. -Participate in a big hunt like madpea hosts as it is a great way to see a lot of people and fun sims and have fun doing it. -Search for and find a sport or some hobby you like and join with a group such as a football team or cheerleading group. Even if this sounds silly to a new person it really is a lot of fun. Another fun one is the photohunt group for people who love to find new or very good explores and take pictures of them on Mondays during the day (I forget the time becuase I'm at work, but good for people in diff time zones) and also again Wednesday evenings. Many of those groups make a lot of close friends who work and play together on things they enjoy. -Google Second Life and read blogs-they often tell of great places and things in SL. -Join a class to learn to build or take pictures or make things or model or get a job. Some good starting points are Builder's Brewery, Katink pose shop, BOSL. And many clubs are on the look out for good dependable eployees of all kinds from hots, hostesses, djs, security, etc. This can lead to income and enhanced SL time as well as making good friends. -There are some large "game" type sims such as Zombie hunting, combat areas, Star Wars etc. and some of those type of groups get close and form some large tight friendships. -External social media sites also help enhance or develop SL friendships such as in Facebook, Flickr, Twitter, etc. -There are also "alternative" lifestyle sims that get a lot of traffic and many form some very tight friendships there if that is your thing. I've found people friendly overall and the best way to make friends is to just speak up, be kind and friendly, ask people for help, to dance, where they like to go and what they like to do, and if someone isn't helpful or friendly just move on to another area that you have an interest in. Places to avoid include sandboxes filled with griefers that can be confusing and frustrating to new people. Some of the bigger freebie areas while serving a purpose are filled with vampires trying to bite all the time which also can catch a new person unaware. (if a person WANTS to get bitten and be a vampire that is another huge area of contacts/freinds that can be developed) Newbie areas can also be a bit of a double edge sword for both of these reasons. When I am in these places I try my best to help new people who seem to be trying hard to figure things out. SL is very much what you make of it and how you chose to interact once you get the hang of it. It is different from RL in many ways since people tend to do and say things more readily than they might in RL due to anonymity but if much is forgiven of some people the good ones will remain and recognize your goodness and ability to be a good friend.
  9. Hey there SID! Great to see you in here too : )
  10. I just found this "Make Friends" thread in the LL forums and want to add that I think it's a great thread and SL is a wonderful place to meet people from all over the world with a lot in common or not so much in common that we can learn from. I have a ton of SL friends and contacts but always have room for more. I'm inworld quite a bit of time so look me up if you like. You can learn more about me and many other SL residents here: https://my.secondlife.com/kara.trapdoor which is also a great way to find out about SL people, places and things and communicate with each other. I blog about SL at Kara's Korner, Second Life Adventures, so that others can see what I like to see, do, buy and make in SL. I am very appreciative of all the things others make and do in SL that enhances my fun, so that is my way to keep track of it for myself and share with others things that should be experienced and appreciated. (Ironically I say this then my most recent post is a spin off from Strawberry's Signh's SL Pet Peeves Meme Challenge, but even that serves a purpose I suppose in helping developers make things even better) Other fun places to learn more about SL residents, events, and cool places are Facebook, Flickr, resident blogs, and Twitter, as well as the SL destination guide and many LL supported forums. Now I think I will blog about this forum! Have a great SL day!
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