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  1. thank you very much for coming back to this thread. i appreciate all the input and links. very good information and its a fine feeling not to be alone on the learning path. you guys are good people ❤️
  2. two examples are sintikilia and stealthic. however im not convinced that this is a work around for alpha blending any longer as i can see they both use masking
  3. yes correct~ and they wont share lol. so this is the crap im working with right now. Im interested in reading all your responces and thank you for the links and input. thank you.
  4. thank you rolig for any input on this topic. ive noticed that with the alpha masking the cut off will tend to need to be up in the 200's for me. Id love to figure out the work around for not using masking as this is something ive seen achieved and yet im scratching my head. alpha blending with no glitches. I appreciate your response. will check back later for more clues if any.
  5. Im trying to figure out how to make full alpha hair with no glitching issues. I have asked a creator or two that know the work around and who have come from the game called sims ( creating hair for that game too) and no one seems to be willing to give a helping hand. I understand that alpha masking is a piece of the puzzle. There must be something im missing. Vertice ordering ? Id like to know more about that. In my reading and research, could be the order that we select the meshes before combining...? Has anyone worn a full alpha texture hair and understood how its created to NOT glitch ? After asking hair creators who do know the answer and getting 0 help, I will ask here for more support. Thank you for any input.
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