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  1. Bumping this thread up as I'm sitting here at the RoBeck cenotaph. There's nobody else staying until 11 EST, apparently, so someone come be here with me. It looks silly all by my lonesome, we need a turnout.
  2. My disabilities are mental, so there's not much for me to say here... although I have an RP character who is an amputee, and from that angle I have noticed how hard it is to find anything good. He has a wooden pirate peg leg. :matte-motes-impatient: For his RP setting that's fine although I imagine that people who want their SL selves to reflect their RL selves' disabilities they might want a more modern prosthetic. Unless you're into pirates. I also want a natural limping walk for him, but all the limping walks/runs I can find suggest current acute injury rather than longterm permanent disability. I want to learn to animate so I can do this stuff. One thing I want to do, if nobody's done it yet, is make a wheelchair or scooter with a sitting walk, so that the avvy moves forward along the ground and the animation is not in the legs but rather in the wheels, steering, arms if it's a manual wheelchair, etc.
  3. Wow, old post with few replies. In the RP that I play with my alt, there are some loose rules about where magic comes from and how it's used. One option is for your magic to come from or be strengthened by an artifact or talisman, and a wand definitely counts. They don't allow Spellfire or other wand/HUD setups that shoot glowy stuff or actually hit/push other players. I can see myself getting a "casting" animation stance and using a wand in RP, but in this particular sim it's not required. Magic RP there is based on written description and it may or may not be accentuated by animations and props.
  4. Can you set aside some "me time" during which you can do whatever fun mindless things you want without being distracted or called away? It's hard when you have small kids who don't understand that concept, but if you have older kids or adult roommates or a spouse, they need to understand that that's important. You need to understand and accept that it's important so that you can ask for it as your right. Good luck. Or you might just want to find some slower RP. I was home today and so was hubby, and we were talking to each other and getting stuff done while I RP'ed on my alt. But I never missed anything because in that sim we try hard to make careful, detailed, and descriptive RP posts. Nobody noticed that I was AFK for five minutes at a time.
  5. I'm sure SL attracts enough shallow people who just want to hang around in sex sims with other avvies who meet their standards for beauty. Ditch 'em, and ditch any sims who allow that harassment to happen. There must be a sim out there that welcomes all ages and forbids (and actively manages) people who harass each other like that. If there's not, someone's gotta make one. Just get the word out that it's needed.
  6. One of my other avvies is a rather short gentleman. He picked up a glass of champagne with an animation that proved to be designed for a taller person. The drinking animation had him toss the contents of the glass over the top of his head. I was reminded of the gag from "Airplane" about the drinking problem.
  7. I love how he says "Everybody does it!!!1!!" :D Um, no. Everybody gullible enough to be fooled by creeps like this does it. The rest of us don't.
  8. It took a little while to get used to, but I think I like the 3.2 interface -- once I figured out I could arrange buttons and put them wherever I wanted, and hide the silly Avatars and Destinations buttons. I want MY landmarks and MY outfits, not something someone else suggested. Anyhoo, fixed. The real problem I'm finding is that the inbuilt browser thingy doesn't work. Mainly, the Search button pulls up an empty grey window with no features. I use my external internet browser to find stuff in SL. Also, a group sent me a notification containing a landmark, but I can't click the landmark link or find any way to get the coords out of it and teleport there. Soooooo... I might go back to an earlier version of the viewer just because some important features in this one are paralyzed.
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