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  1. What i would suggest as i had the same prob before, quit it, Start up SL again, Then login and wait. The box should come up....This is what happened to me too...
  2. When i try to login as RobinFeather it loads. Then it says: We're having trouble. There may be a problem with your internet connection or Second Life grid. You can either chekc your internet connection and try again in a few minutes. Click help to view the second life supprot portal or click telepor to teleport home. HELP! :matte-motes-confused: Ok so i log in, it just loads and shows up this message. I cannot get to the world. I clicked ok and logged in again but the same message popped up. I clicked Teleport and logged in and the same message popped up. I have to use wireless connection....Is there a way i do not get any problems? Thanks for the answer though
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