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  1. finally got my premium plus an extra week now i cant get a home as a error keeps popping up all the time getting so frustrated
  2. ok done all that still get error so guess gonna have to wait a week for a reply .. sighs
  3. calling from UK costs a lot and i don't have skype or the ability to call overseas on my mobile
  4. this is what mine is doing on the summery it says im basic and the history saying i am i have took screenshots and sent this after 48 hours of applying for it and im on the 5th day and they not read the ticket i wouldnt be as bothered but when its RL money they should look at it
  5. yeah its showing as a debit now which means they got the money and its been 5 days now and i still not got it
  6. i pay by direct debit its already been took out my bank and cant ring as im UK and it charge me alot to call over sea it shouldnt take this long to do
  7. its already been took out the pending part of my bank so they actually took it out
  8. I bought The primium membership on the 10th december and they took the money out my bank but it still saying im a basic member i have left tickets to ll but no reply it has been nearly 4 days what else can i do about this
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