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  1. Hello there, how flexible are you in terms of role playing? because me and my partner are looking for children, but we are not like normal parents. message me or my partner in SL at rexthelostdog or nixxietail
  2. well we are lycans, so we have both a human form and a feral form, so feral wolf form and then a human form is best
  3. Hello all, I'm no good at fleshing out stuff like this, so I'm just gunna cut right to the chase. Me and my mate Nix Bloodmane are looking to start a family of our own and we are looking for folks interested in RPing as our puppies. We are planning on just 3 puppies, but who knows what nature has in store. We are also lycans (see title) who go back and forth between our human forms and our wolf (feral) forms. We have a house that we plan on making our home. But expect a few trips into the wild from time to time. if interested please feel free to contact me in game at Rex Firefang (rexthelos
  4. i would be open minded about it, obviously this isnt RL, so its a brand new persona for you. so yes i would
  5. hey, im having trouble with all my HUDs, they are attachable, and detachable, but they stopped working, when i press a button, nothing happens, its almost like they are locked, has this happened to anyone else, and if so, how can i fix this
  6. he got a bitch for a girlfriend and tossed me out cause i would be to much trouble and he wanted to focus on her....
  7. i hope so too. its getting cold out, and soon winter will be here
  8. no one has picked him up yet, a few have stopped by and where looking him over, and a few said they might be able to take him in already, but you are more then welcome to come by and pick him up
  9. he feels more comfertable around women cause his last owner, a man, left him in the woods. he doesnt mind any environments as long as he is loved and cared for. lol he doesnt hump legs or sniff crotches, he is well trained for a young dog he gets attached to his owner if they are nice to him, and grows to be a very loyal companion
  10. he is FREE any one want a pet dog? one they will collar and love (a legit dog avatar, not a slave human acting like a dog) he is a year old (dog years not SL) house trained, goes by the name rex, though like normal dogs you may change his name ( but it will be a week cause i just added then name) has been "fixed" ( if you wish, i could get the mama allpa i just currently dont have money) a good guard / watch dog, he doesnt bark at other dogs or cats and is friendly with other animals and kids (see top pic, he sits with bunnies ) looking for a nice home and an owner to love him if y
  11. ( ive been looking for animations to do these but so far havent found anything so i just role play most) speak fetch roll over play dead and Shake
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