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  1. i am using new macbook pro with retina display on secondlife working fine nuthing seems to be blurred just macbook get hot when i start secondlife
  2. Hello i have swear jars check out my store https://marketplace.secondlife.com/stores/45305
  3. Name will still show up on yur friends list if acc is deleted
  4. Add me gangstaboi ellisson I'll b happy to b friend
  5. do my post sound gay cuz lately lot of guys hitting on me from here lmafoo Btw I'm not gay
  6. Second life iPad app called pocket metaverse
  7. Hello i am playing sl for 6yr now I love to be creative wen I can have my own store I'm looking for friends since get boring alone I am single as well Open for relationship waiting to meet you Reply in world or here
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