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  1. I rent from Excalibur, my other half is one of the GMs for the company. The notice was sent out yes. However mainland that Excaibur Rentals rents to people is deeded to THEIR rental group, mean Excalibur Rentals' group. The 30L for each parcel comes out of Tyr's pocket, not the person that rents the land. The only person paying LL for each parcel that's from Excalibur Rentals mainland section is Tyr. He also has decided to have something that covers that paid EXTRA from his pocket so that ALL renters on mainland can now do this free of charge. So it's now an added perk of renting with Excalibur Rentals. I have to agree with Drake though, you should always contact an agent or manager before just assuming these things.
  2. Waiting on Email from LL to find out the whole truth about the gifts wether it is monthly or jsut when they feel like it.