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  1. Hello LoveAngel. I am about to log into Second Life and will change my settings to help my viewer run smoother. Thank you for your advice. It is very much appreciated!
  2. Ok..I will re-set the router too just to prevent any further problems. Thanks for responding too Chelsea! Hopefully this is the end to the matter.
  3. Hi. For the last few weeks SL has run brilliantly. However, after logging on this morning SL has been a nightmare. I am currently running an average of 1-3fps...originally 20fps. Everything is so laggy! The only solution I have found is to lower my graphics from high right down to low! IE seems to be running fine so I dont think it's a network connection problem. I have also enabled SL to run by default with the Nvidia graphics as I am aware there are problems with integrated graphics and optimus. Any suggestions would be extremely appreciated!
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