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    I've been on the computer for hours trying to get information about why I cant get into SL since early morning June 8, 2019. My error message is ...cant establish a secure connection to the server "secondlife.com" So I'm sort of glad it't not just me but I have breedables that are aging out and making last babies yesterday and today. I'm a bit pissed that I may lose some things due to the situation. Sigh. Okies. I live in lower Oregon/ Upper California so that definitely qualifies as Pacific Northwest blackout. I've been wondering if they closed the website for repairs/updates to servers before the Birthday celebrations begin. It would have been VERY nice to have a heads up and I would have pulled all my inworld critters off to an online setting where I can maintain them. I'll keep trying. There is not any information as to why this happened or when this will resolve. Hugs to all...
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