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  1. Thank you all. So it is mainly all in sl. She does know him rl and personal information. He has her blocked on anything they used to communicate including his cell. I just got back from a year break on sl and he just recently joined a new mc in sl. Right now we are living in seperate states and use sl for time together until my move.
  2. Right now im limited as to what i can due to the app im using..we have been hanging out at the house or he will go to his mc to relax. We been diing everything we can to not accidentally run into any of them.
  3. No...not giving her any attention however now she is friending his friends and associates telling them lies to the point some are siding with her to try to harass him and trying to get me to stay away from him.
  4. Yes he has done all that and each time he recognizes an alt of hers he blocks that one as well. He stays away from all places he knows she likes but she doesnt.
  5. So I am looking for a bit of help. My rl/sl was with this woman and recently split up after much trouble. The problem is she has 20 accounts now according to her new person. My bf knew of only 16. She is going to his places of employment to harass him and bringing along her new bf's mc. She has been spreading lies and he even lost a job over it all. He was close to leaving sl but we just got back together and doesnt want to leave me. Is there anything we can do? He would rather not file a report because he is afraid it would cause more trouble for him. Any help would greatly be appreciated.
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