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  1. Thank you both . i did have yesterday also a friend with a great desktop computer and she said she didn't have lag at all, so i guess a lot of it is also due to the pc. For Pamella , yes i have lots of your stuff which i love alot :), but it's not specifically with your stuff , because i tried to decorate in different houses and used also stuff from other stores, because i change a bit in every house , but it happens always when i decorate with detailed mesh, usually by the time i m done decorating indoor. I will try the tips you both gave, reducing some of the items and lowering the vie
  2. Hello everyone . Having serious lag problem in any house or land that i move too , after i'm adding mesh decor and furnishes the house.. In the past years i' m decorating of course only with mesh because i love how it looks and just can't go back to the old prims look. Usually i use items from the top mesh furniture and decor stores in sl and sometimes gachas too . But in any land i move too, no matter on which sim or estate, at first when i just a rezz a house and it's all empty i have no lags at all.. and when i'm adding the decor, slowly i start to feel more lags , until by the time
  3. I understand, then i will read about it in that link and hope i will figure it out. Thank you both for your help
  4. Hello...I have a few questions about the new viewer managed marketplace, i have read that the migration starts today. I am selling at the marketplace gacha no copy items and until now i used magic box because it was the only option to sell these items. Will the auto migration for viewer managed marketplace will automatically migrate my items to that system as well ? or it won't work with no copy items that are in the magic box and i must transfer the items myself to the new system ? Also what about my listings that i have now ? if i will move my items myself to the new viewer managed marketp
  5. Thanks everyone for the info and tips , really appreicate it and will try them , hopefully it will work.
  6. Thanks for your reply . I thought there is some easy way to get the position's number of my avatar while i am sitting anywhere in sl ..unluckily i see it's not the case lol. And about the chair. I did try to do it and to link the prim with the animations and scripts as last, i checked by the colors as you explained , and i did it correctly but from some reason that doesn't work with this specific chair and still if i try to click on all the metal part of the chair , that contains no animations and scripts, then i just sit not good, like sitting on non animated object in sl , and without the a
  7. I am not a creator or builder and don't have knowledge of these things. But i added some animations and scripts from one chair that i had , into another one , and managed to make it work .. The problem is that if i try to sit on the chair that i added to it the scripts and animations , so it let me sit and have a menu only if i click to sit on the prim in the chair which i added the animations too, but if i try to sit on the chair and choose to sit on different prim, i can't sit with the animations i added and i don't get a menu. My question is how can i make the entire chair to work the same
  8. I am using Hotmail.com for 3 years almost ,since i started to be in sl and always everything was fine. Only the last week the problems has started. It is my main email and it's more convenient for me to use it and not change it . I am sure there is thousands more like me which will have to change the email suddenly and not so crazy about the idea...So i think this problem should be solved regardless . And the fact the emails reaches to some providers and to some not still doesn't mean it's only the provider problem. Could be it is a second life issue or a bug which is not sending the emails to
  9. I have this problem as well and it started just in these last few days. I do still receive group notices to my email when i m offline, but i don't get ims from people, or the messages from the magic box which is saying that the item that someone has purchased from me in marketplace has been sent. Many times people im me when i am offline, so it's a big issue for me to stop getting these ims, especially because sometimes when i login to sl i don't see there the ims i got when i was offline , so the fact that the ims go to my email, made sure i won't miss them... Now there is a chance i will co
  10. I tried to buy again few hours ago in the same payment method - paypal , and this time it worked luckily . Don't know what was the problem before but main thing it works now. Thanks alot for your help
  11. Thanks for your reply. I removed my paypal payment method and then added it again....but it's still the same and don't accept the payment. I only deleted the previous one and again put the details of my paypal and in a new payment method...you mean doing so ? or there something else i need to do ? .i waited hours after doing so but it's still same thing.
  12. :smileysad:Hello. I' m buying lindens in second life every month for about a year already with paypal , and everything was always ok. The last time i bought lindens was at the end of January 2014 and again it was ok....But today i needed to buy lindens again and tried to buy , i used the same payment method as always, the one that i set in SL site, through paypal . but after clicking to purchase it, i got the message : " there was a problem charging your payment method "... I tried to repeat this process of purchsing many times. and i got this message always and it don't let me buy.
  13. Hello. I' m buying lindens in second life every month for about a year already with paypal , and everything was always ok. The last time i bought lindens was at the end of January 2014 and again it was ok....But today i needed to buy lindens again and tried to buy , i used the same payment method as always, the one that i set in SL site, through paypal . but after clicking to purchase it, i got the message : " there was a problem charging your payment method "... I tried to repeat this process of purchsing many times. and i got this message always and it don't let me buy. I checked a
  14. Big thanks for the great explaination .. I understand it now. But if the very thin picture as i see it, was the correct one, then all this time i had too skinny avi and i didn't know it ....i don't like how it looks now. Also just wondered, if i'm using high resolution and then i get very small interface in SL which is hard to use...then if I increase the Ul size in the preferances then all profile pictures, feed pictures, pick pictures, of mine or other people are looking very blur and impossible to look at. Is there any way to increase the Ul size but without causing this new problem
  15. Thanks everyone for the detailed replies and help :)/ really appreciate it. As i replied to Freya , the problem is that if i use my native screen resolution i see the avatar too thin and i can't believe it's suposse to be like this because it looks way too much. and not to mention how it's makes all the Viewer interface and writings too small to read or use.And as i wrote in my previous post , when i try to increase the UI size in the viewer i m facing new problems. I find that even in this screen which is 16:9 i like more how the 16:10 resolutions looks in SL and with my avi...these are th
  16. Thank alot for your reply and links . i have read them. I will try then to make some snapshots and show you the issue . The problem is when i use my native screen resolution then my avatar looks so thin. i don't believe this is how it's suppose to be... it's just too much. seems as distorted picture. I discovered a resolution which is a bit better looking with the avi. 1600 x 1024 which still is not what i used to have my avi looking but a bit better ,but then all the writing and interface in SL becoming too small to use. I tried to make the things bigger as you said. but this have no e
  17. Thanks for your reply . I believe the view i had in my older screen was the right size at least in second life. Because i play over 2 years . seen many screenshots of other people and compared , for me it looked the same. The problem is when i make the right resolutions here that you told me, i see the avatars in sl and mine too, like long , narrow and thin. it seems to me as not in the normal size. also high resolutions give me everything too small. It's not only the writing. everything looks so small and i don't like it...i mean especailly when surfing the internet , even open applicatio
  18. Hello. i have problem with new screen resolution and how it looks in second life. I got new Lcd wide computer screen 22" . the model is LG 22EA53T-P . My old screen which i had at least 6 years , was also lcd wide about 20.5" from tech company, and i used there resolution of 1024x768 . I know that most people don't use this old resolution but i don't like the too small writing when using high resolution so i prefered that low one. Everything looked normal size in it on SL as well. But if i set this resolution on the new screen then my avatar in second life looks too wide and
  19. Thanks all for your help ....I seen the depth of field can be used only if advanced lighting model is on. basically with advanced lighting model is off the view looks flat , thin but the ligthing is good, similar to what i had once.. When this option on on it have more dimention and realisem . but then the lighting and colors become bad and doll...too dark too. on viewer version 3.5.3 i had good ligthing and still a view with dimention, it was perfect. so oh well i guess i will just have to use to it now, hopefully maybe in the future it will improve. or just try other viewer.
  20. thanks for your reply. where do i find windlight setting and how can i reset them or put them back to how it was before? how can i know what i had before ?
  21. Sorry for opening a new thread. i have a previous one with similar question but not sure people still look there. I have a bit different question here...A little background of the problem - As i said in the other thread. i played all this months with second life viewer 3.5.3 and postponed the updates until few days ago i had to update or can't log in to SL. and the view now has changed completely from the older version ,i guess due to gamma corrections and more things,,,and i don't like the new view at all...,As i understood there isn't any way to play the older version anymore. :(. I
  22. Hello. Until yesterday i could still play the second life viewer version 3.5.3 and log in normally . since yesterday with the new update i had to update to the new version or it didn't let me log in to SL....the problem is that since months back that the version 3.6 has released with the gamma corrections i really don't like the view and that's why i stayed with the older version all these months and with the view i like..but as i said, i had to update yesterday so i can log in and really i don't like the view now. is there a way to still log in with the older version and if so , is it safe to
  23. Thanks alot . it worked...But weird thing is when i make x8 it is not as smooth as x4. x4 is pretty smooth, but still some plants i have shows that edges. if i make the advanced lighting model on again the edges are all fine in everything. The next and last option i have after x4 and x8 is the x16 which looks best but then all the fonts and writings is changes to weird ones if i make this option. not normal fonts . and it's not convenient to read like this. Is there anything to do about it ? Also, still even if i make the advanced lighting model off and i get the lighting i want, it seems
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