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  1. Alright, I'll try all those suggestions, thanks ^^, Z
  2. So, for those who had posted on my earlier post "multiple listen fors within a listen script", if you are reading this you probably already have deduced that I am making a listener, which performs various actions/replies when keywords are detected in a specified chat. If your not one of those earlier people, well.... thats what im doing :p By now, I am at a meager 100 lines of if(message""){ lines lol (anyone care to tell me how many lines of script you can make in a script, is there even a cap? O.o) and I was begining to wonder, can you have multiple instances of the same word present in a listen script. So take for example the following code, which most likely contains improper syntax, but is made to represent the function I would want based on what I currently know about LSL: default { state_entry() { llListen(0,"", llGetOwner(), ""); } listen(integer channel, string name, key id, string message) { if(message=="get lost"){ llSay(0,"You seriously want me to get lost?"); {if(message=="yes"){ llSay(0,"Ok then.."); } if(message=="no"){ llSay(0,"Then why did you tell me t- >.< nvm..."); } } if(message=="go away"){ llSay(0,"You really want me to go away?"); {if(message=="yes"){ llSay(0,"Ok"); } if(message=="no"){ llSay(0,"Jeez, such a dolt, make up your mind already!); } } } Anyone get what im aiming at? The idea of having the same word(s) , in this case "yes" and "no", appear multiple times throughout the script, i guess the script would not progress (would not listen for any other keywords; besides the two) until either the yes or no was stated/said. Upon being said the script would run the following command(s) (in our case they are llSay commands), then go back to listening for the keywords "go away" or "get lost". If either was called the process would begin again. Script stops and listens for those two keywords specified "yes" or "no", does following command (if any), goes back to listening. Sorry, I'm not very good at explaining >.<, but I hope one of you pros got the jist of it and can throw me some pointers. Thanks, Z
  3. Apologies, the listener would be listening to channel 3 * in all those examples >.<
  4. So, I have a prim with a basic listen script within it, and a command to rez a object when a certain command is typed into local chat. But, the thing is I would like that command typed in local chat to be in multiple forms. I would like to be able to type: hi hello whatsup hey oi ey All of those in local chat and still rez the same object, like.... normally you tell the script to listen for one word in the specified chat, and if it heard it (if(message == w/e){ ) to execute the following command. So in the case of replying to an avatars greeting of "hi" with "wasup" on local chat it would be: state_entry() { llListen(3,"", NULL_KEY, ""); } listen(integer channel, string name, key id, string message) { if (message == "hi") { llSay(0, "Wasup"); } } right? but for it to listen to multiple ones..... i put this in and it did not work state_entry() { llListen(3,"", NULL_KEY, ""); } listen(integer channel, string name, key id, string message) { if (message == "hi | hello | hey | hola | oi") { llSay(0, "Wasup"); } } I hope you guys get what i mean.... Sorry for the really long post for such a simple question lol :p
  5. So.... it's like this: I want to play music on my rented parcel. But before you reply you shoud know: Alright so, I installed WINamp, I also installed meh shoutcast source DSP stuff I made meh playlist, I connected to Output 1 with the following specs: radio URL: http://nortz.listen2myradio.com address to broadcast: IP: Port: 36054 I went onto second life, selected my land parcel, selected about land, selected sound and entered http://nortz.listen2myradio.com into the Music URL section. A window then popped up saying this land streams music from w/e it was (cant remember >.<) and I hit yes or accept, anyways it gets to the point where you have three options: Always play music from this URL, Always play music from this domain, and Play Now. I have tried all of them and no matter what I do nothing happens. I have also tried entering the URL into the Media section (Home Page) of the About Land area, but still nothing happens. No music is playing. When I connect to the shoutkast dsp I use the IP as the adress, so I tried putting it into the URL section of the Music section, still nothing I really would like to get this setup so help would be greatly appreciated Thanks in advance, Poocaz
  6. Hm alright, well, for the moment can anyone present a usable script, or one that simply requires the values to be filled in? The spikes must all be, point first, facing wherever my avatar is currently looking. The offset from my av is: vector offset =<.30,0,.9>;
  7. lol alright um.... Is there any way we can talk ISL in about an hour or two?
  8. Ok Mari, I'll try that, but could you answer a few quick q's? So, the line is as follows, some of the stuff I get, some I don't, could you clarify? llSetKeyframedMotion([ <0,0,10>,//sets the vector position for the object which it will be in when it has "caught" up with the avatar. The default position for the object 5, //??What is this? <0,0,-10>, ////sets the rotation position for the object which it will be in when it has "caught" up with the avatar. The default rotation for the object 5], //again with the five? [KFM_DATA, // ? KFM_TRANSLATION, // ? KFM_MODE, // Specifies the playback mode. So, after this should be "KFM_FORWARD"? (Instead of Ping Pong?) KFM_PING_PONG //So I see this is a mode, but what does it do... all the others are self explanatory (reverse,forward,loop((is that just forward repeatedly? )) ) but this one is like- well... idk really.... I didn't know ping pong was a playback mode, thought it was a ball >.< ]); So, is any of that right? Thanks, P The full script: llSetKeyframedMotion([<0,0,10>, 5, <0,0,-10>, 5], [KFM_DATA, KFM_TRANSLATION, KFM_MODE, KFM_PING_PONG]);
  9. Haha lol can't help much? That was great... but copying and pasting doesn't work, there are some errors, and I can't really tackle the task of understanding it all atm, so is there a way to reformat that into a usable script. I don't want people to do the work for me, I just want a script that does what I need it to do, then I want to look at it, study it, and understand and be able to reproduce it. Starting from scratch is sometimes a tad more troublesome. So, when I first posted that it was 1:30 in the morning, a school night for meh, and I had just spent the last six hours working on that script... so I wasn't very clear, so let me restate this. As said, there are seven cylinders that resemble spikes. Spikes as we all know are basically cylinders that show a decrease or increase in diameter as we move along the object. Generally the smallest diameter of any given spike is labeled "the point". So, when I say the point that is the part I am referring to (the tip, sharp part, w/e you wanna call it ). So, the points must ALL face wherever my Avatar is looking, WHILE still remaining at this offset from him: vector offset =<.30,0,.9>; That offset there is the position near the right shoulder where I would like the object to remain at at all times (once it has caught up with my avatar((assuming I moved)) ). Currently I have the Seven Spikes arranged like such (see pic below) Now, atm my character is facing North and here is the script being used: default { state_entry() { llOwnerSay("EHAC Systems Online"); vector pos = llGetPos() + <0,0,0>; //Get the current position of the object. llSetStatus(STATUS_PHYSICS, TRUE); //Apply realworld physics. llSleep(0.1); //Wait for 0.1 seconds. key id = llGetOwner(); //Get the key for the owner of this object. llSensorRepeat("",id,AGENT,20,2*PI,.10); //Track the location of the owner and updates every 0.4 seconds. } sensor(integer total_number) { vector pos = llDetectedPos(0); //Get the location of object 0, (owner). vector offset =<.30,0,.9>; //Variable used to control the offset. pos+=offset; //Calculating the offset from the detected position. llMoveToTarget(pos,.9); //Move to new position with 30% motion smoothing. } } With this script the object will rez then immediately fly over to its position as you see here. So, its all good.... BUT THEN, the moment I move, in any direction, it goes crazy, I mean, it doesn't fly away or all over the place. But rather, it just rotates on what seems to be every axis, not fast mind you, but still at a moderate pace. And once its done its spaz session it doesn't return to it's starting position when it reaches the offset. No no no; it seems to like to face (spikes) to the right of my character. Even if it was facing downwards when it reached the offset, it will snap to that facing right position. So yeah.... that's it all
  10. So, I have just started scripting in Second Life and recently have complete my first project which was making a voice controlled rezzer for my ship ( took me a really long time to do that till I found out what a faux rezzer is), so I thought I would try something else, and now that is being a pain so i wondered if I could grab some help from the senior scripters out there. It's like this: I have 7 cones, physically modded to resemble spikes of a sorts. Now, six of these spikes are arranged in a circular fashion around the center one which is the parent prim when they become linked. Once they are linked it then initiates a follow command in which the (let's call it a pet) pet will then become horrizontal, hover over my right shoulder, and follow me around. That is simple enough.... What has been giving me probz is getting the spiked ends of the cone to face where I am.... Meaning, if I am facing South west I dont want the points of the cones to be facing north, and, I especially dont want it to do what it's been doing all night which is spinning around randomly then settling on a messed up angle. Ultimately this will be a non-held, mouselook controlled gun, but first I need to: Get my pet (7 cones with one in the middle as parent prim) to hover over my right shoulder and have the points facing where I am. Sadly, I recently thought I had it and promptly overwrit my script I had been using to put in this new one, but of course, the new one failed as well, and the old one was lost, so I have no script to really show my progress, if we could jsut start from scratch that'd be great Thank you guys in advance ^^, Poocaz
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