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  1. Alright, I'll try all those suggestions, thanks ^^, Z
  2. So, for those who had posted on my earlier post "multiple listen fors within a listen script", if you are reading this you probably already have deduced that I am making a listener, which performs various actions/replies when keywords are detected in a specified chat. If your not one of those earlier people, well.... thats what im doing :p By now, I am at a meager 100 lines of if(message""){ lines lol (anyone care to tell me how many lines of script you can make in a script, is there even a cap? O.o) and I was begining to wonder, can you have multiple instances of the same
  3. Apologies, the listener would be listening to channel 3 * in all those examples >.<
  4. So, I have a prim with a basic listen script within it, and a command to rez a object when a certain command is typed into local chat. But, the thing is I would like that command typed in local chat to be in multiple forms. I would like to be able to type: hi hello whatsup hey oi ey All of those in local chat and still rez the same object, like.... normally you tell the script to listen for one word in the specified chat, and if it heard it (if(message == w/e){ ) to execute the following command. So in the case of replying to an avatars greeting of "hi" with "wasup" on loca
  5. So.... it's like this: I want to play music on my rented parcel. But before you reply you shoud know: Alright so, I installed WINamp, I also installed meh shoutcast source DSP stuff I made meh playlist, I connected to Output 1 with the following specs: radio URL: http://nortz.listen2myradio.com address to broadcast: IP: Port: 36054 I went onto second life, selected my land parcel, selected about land, selected sound and entered http://nortz.listen2myradio.com into the Music URL section. A window then popped up saying this land streams music from w/e it
  6. Hm alright, well, for the moment can anyone present a usable script, or one that simply requires the values to be filled in? The spikes must all be, point first, facing wherever my avatar is currently looking. The offset from my av is: vector offset =<.30,0,.9>;
  7. lol alright um.... Is there any way we can talk ISL in about an hour or two?
  8. Ok Mari, I'll try that, but could you answer a few quick q's? So, the line is as follows, some of the stuff I get, some I don't, could you clarify? llSetKeyframedMotion([ <0,0,10>,//sets the vector position for the object which it will be in when it has "caught" up with the avatar. The default position for the object 5, //??What is this? <0,0,-10>, ////sets the rotation position for the object which it will be in when it has "caught" up with the avatar. The default rotation for the object 5], //again with the five? [KFM_DATA, // ? KFM_TRANSLATION, // ? KFM_MOD
  9. Haha lol can't help much? That was great... but copying and pasting doesn't work, there are some errors, and I can't really tackle the task of understanding it all atm, so is there a way to reformat that into a usable script. I don't want people to do the work for me, I just want a script that does what I need it to do, then I want to look at it, study it, and understand and be able to reproduce it. Starting from scratch is sometimes a tad more troublesome. So, when I first posted that it was 1:30 in the morning, a school night for meh, and I had just spent the last six hours working o
  10. So, I have just started scripting in Second Life and recently have complete my first project which was making a voice controlled rezzer for my ship ( took me a really long time to do that till I found out what a faux rezzer is), so I thought I would try something else, and now that is being a pain so i wondered if I could grab some help from the senior scripters out there. It's like this: I have 7 cones, physically modded to resemble spikes of a sorts. Now, six of these spikes are arranged in a circular fashion around the center one which is the parent prim when they become linked. Once they a
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