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  1. could be multiple things

    stuck keys, lag, sometimes even glitches

    Or maybe depending on your viewer it could be set to where you can move my clicking mouse wich to get rid of that you would half to disable it in prerefrences.

    Some people who have move by mouse accedently click mouse and dont relize it and think thier randomly moving.



  2. anyone no where one of these 2 gestures is sold?


    ㋡    ℍãℍãℍãℍãℍã  Н ₩ãίṮ ƔŐ Ր еɾί Ũຣ? ↙ ◀ ◁ ﺎﻣеṮ е ﺎﻣ₳ŮԌℍ ԐѴԐℕ ├┤₳ℝƊⓔℝ.... ℍãℍã ℍãℍã ℍãℍã ㋡



  3. So i went to the inworld store got the set it did come with the extra stuff and because i went to the in world store i found out they have the santa suit jack skellinton and sally wich they dont sell on marketplace its a special inworld thing i guess pays to look :matte-motes-big-grin-squint:

  4. is there a shure fire way to get my avatar to 100% show up unblurry for me?

    As soon as i  press rebake i instantly show up unblurry and 100% crisp perfect but then boom my legs go blurry chest face then as soon as i rezz back in i'm blurry!

    i do that 3 tatto layers sleeve tattoos a stomach tatto0 and guy eye liner so could the 3 tattoos have anything to do with it?

  5. does anyone know where to find these or a store i might look at that could possibly have these lapdance anims


    jilloff 3_f1

    Lap Dance-1

    Lap Dance-3A-F

    Lap Dance-3A-M

    Lap Dance-3A-M-Standby




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