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  1. I regularly use the free TMP body. Although it's a chore to find clothing, it can be done. I look for the basic TMP logo (not the Classic TMP) and always try on a demo first. I don't use a mesh head and instead use a modifiable shape and LAQ skin with good results. As a freebie starter I really can't complain too much about it but can't justify the expense of ever upgrading. (If you get one, be sure to pick up the free dress which is now included). I look upon it as a cheap way to transition to mesh until such time as I decide on a better alternative.
  2. A standard AV is probably your best bet. Now that mesh is becoming so popular, many more cheap and freebie AV's with very good shapes and skins are showing up. One that has copy/modify rights is even better. This would alow you to adjust things such as height, arm length, shoulder width, torso length, butt size, etc... in order to minimize hidden hand issues. Slimmer AVs also tend to have fewer issues with overlapping parts.
  3. It sounds like your house's position may have been changed. If so, you will have to reset your landing spot and give out new landmarks. If it did move and your windows were not attached then you can probably find them in the sky nearby. (press ctrl-alt-T to highlight them if they are hard to see).
  4. I think you need to reinstall your viewer. I've read that recognizing which graphics card someone is using is done during the viewer installation process. If you check your viewer (e.g. Help/About Firestorm) it will show if your old graphics card is still being referenced.
  5. ***This method still requires that you manually delete the original item but saves you from being stuck with two storage boxes having the same name.
  6. One option is to attach the box to yourself first ... right click Edit / Content from the inventory window (or the box itself )....drag your inventory item(s) into the contents then just.detach the box. *Note that this only works with full perm items.
  7. "Like, is it possible to noncommittaly scan and see what somebody has on hand to play with?" I know of one HUD called the "RLV Folder Browser" which allows you to detect, scan, and manipulate the contents of RLV folders of nearby avatars who are so equipped. It's a good tool for determining whether someone prefers to be a dressup dolly, a transgender furry transforming bimbo, or just a slave to the machines. In my opinion (and generally speaking), the more extensive her RLV folder is, the more interested the sub is in being controlled and less in practicing the art of emoting typically found in more traditional RP scenarios. Actions speak louder than words, and taking without asking is usually part of the turn-on. Of course it is always wise to read her profile first, but if she's hanging out alone in the bad part of town with her RLV enabled...she's just asking for it. RLV pet peeves: Capture devices that ask for permission first / The strip-all option / Being forced to sit on everything else but not the poseball / sight restrictions (a black screen...ooh!)
  8. Sometimes you may find a number of unpacked boxes inside the original box. These need to be rezzed on the ground and opened as well. (There might be even more boxes inside these...such as ones with multiple clothing outfits). It can be confusing because a little yellow box icon in front of your inventory item tells you it could be either an unopened box or a prim attachment (like a pair of glasses or other object). If you accidentally rez something that is not a container...don't open it...right click it and select "take" to put it back in your inventory. If you delete it and it is "no copy" it will be lost forever. If you have successfully opened a box and you see its contents in your inventory, you can safely delete the box on the ground as well as the original unopened one in your inventory. The "no copy" items will have been moved (not copied) to your inventory.
  9. If your search maturity level is set to Adult then you won't see any of your items that you have set to other maturity levels. Select the general, moderate, adult option and click search again.
  10. I've had a simlar problem using Singularity. I just played around a bit with debug settings and may have stumbled across something. In debug mode I set a flag to render my av invisible. ( I then turned the flag off but I stayed invisible).... In the Advanced menu I rebaked my character and now there is no more grey. Not sure how this works, but so far so good. I've tried relogging and have teleported to different regions with no problems so far.
  11. just pop this in a prim and wear as a hud....clicking the hud disables it...either reset the script or reattach to enable it again. default { on_rez(integer num) { llResetScript(); } state_entry() { llOwnerSay("@accepttp=add"); llOwnerSay("You can now be teleported by everyone without being able to deny the teleport request."); } touch_start(integer num) { if(llDetectedKey(0)==llGetOwner()) { llOwnerSay("@accepttp=rem"); llOwnerSay("The teleport exception has been removed."); } } }
  12. Another option is to buy a tattoo layer (e.g. suntan) that will let you add more color, but at the expense of losing some detail.
  13. I rarely wear mesh because: - I have a wide variety of different sized avatars and tailoring each body to fit with mesh outfits is a huge project. - Many alpha layers are hidden when seen from one angle but are "visible" from another. - Using alpha layers doubles or triples the number of inventory items for each outfit. - I have a fundamental issue with the necessity of standardized avatar sizes in a venue that, until recently freed people from such tight restrictions. I might consider using mesh more often if someone develops a script that automatically reads and adjusts your shape to conform to the mesh worn, or even better ...adjusts the mesh to fit an individual's body. (Step into a scanner at your favorite store and walk out with a custom tailored outfit).
  14. Solved it thanks...I dropped a scrubber script in the floor by the beacon....not sure how it got in there though
  15. The beacon found it but it is still not selectable as an object (just a blue cube outline)
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