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  1. So, where's the beta grid party at? I'm rich and buying y'all drinks!
  2. Pffft been in SL since 2006ish, should have one by now! Forget the logins LL, gimme mah star!! >_<
  3. Well in just being here, I'm up to being 'Honored resident'. Super! If I sit and watch any longer, maybe I'll get a gold star... Or at least a tarnished one?
  4. Long handshake, starting to think they're using IPoAC in a bid to save money. Shoutout to those who know what IPoAC is
  5. Well this news is a bummer. But I guess Oz summed it up at the TPV discussion. It's OUR business. You just play here. . . I guess in a way this makes it like RL, with the lab being the politians nobody actually voted for who place down decisions on the rest and care not, as long as their paycheck comes in. Shame on you LL. I thought your new CEO was here to change things for the better, but it seems SL is just a cash cow now. Pay LL to do as little as possible, under the veil of 'community involvement'. Ie, get the peons to do it all whilst you count your moolah.. Personally, if LL can't be bothered to celebrate their own creation, I don't think I can be bothered.
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