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  1. Malinson Bloobury wrote: Linden Labs is suffering an erosion caused by a number of factors including rising operating costs and decline of high end spenders. Moreover, they are forced to find safe haven alternatives to raising the costs of their regions which would assuredly bring about a rapid downfall in favor of promising competitors. The region discount offered a short term boost in revenue sales but I doubt that this this was the intended purpose. In my estimates, many of the sales of the discount offer are to those who could not have otherwise afforded. If you can’t save it you can’
  2. Griffin Ceawlin wrote: "Grandfathered" sims are just... sims... since upon transfer they cease to be "grandfathered." Aren't they? Yes, but when you can lease them for 65,000 L per month from other land owners and have full admin rights, they are a better bargain than this LL new offer.
  3. suki Actor wrote: This has puzzled me for sometime now? Anyone know ? I guess if anyone knows, it would be Kim Salzer who is Linden Lab's Vice-President of Marketing. Maybe her job is redundant, so I wouldn't dig too deeply into this area. It would be a shame to see another unemployed person on the streets of the US.
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