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  1. I don't got an answere but i got the same issue more or less. And ive set all my groups on no notifications. And i get all my offline messages to my email but it aint showing when i get online, wich is a bit of a pain. So would like to now that my self, Started 3 days ago for me. I had firestorm beta mesh too and im using the Firestorm release now instead in hope it would be a change.
  2. The thing is, I first tried rebooting and take away all the cords and etc, that didnt work, i tried clean all cache( i mean all). and rebooted the computer that didnt worked, ive deleted and reinstalled diffrent viewers about 13 times now. Ive tried being on others routers neighbours wich im alloweed acces to and they been kind to try and reboot their routers too. I tried to change or apply the DNS source or what to call it from google and nothign relay helped there either . And im on a diffrent router now,and internet provider now too and well nothing i do will work. i even have shut down the antivirus program and the firewall, that didnt help either. It's just sl viewer and firestorm that don't work but singularity works, and all credit for them but i realy like sl viewer and firestorm, but as for now i doubt i will be able to log in through them. And im pretty sure the problem isnt Me or well my computer,router or anything else! Since i do get online with singularity and nothing i do will help me get online on either sl or firestorm. Just makes me sad :matte-motes-not-even:
  3. Thanks anyhow for the help, didnt get better or worse. Still get the DNS couldnt find host error message. I realy don't know what more to do. I'm starting to belive does 2 viewers basicaly don't like me. lol.
  4. Thanks i shall try look at them and try that, And yes i gett a DNS issue error something and firestorm and sl viewer is the ones giving me it, phoenix and singularity wont, ive tried the 2 latest just to see if they let me in. Wich they do. But i shall try the link u posted And sorry for not being clear i have no idea on what is wrong and what i shall do about it since ive tried almost everything.
  5. Hi this have probable been posted before but i can not log in to sl on Sl viewer or Firestorm beta and firestorm beta mesh. This have going on for 2 days now. Ive cleaned everythign on the computer, even the cmd dns flush thing. Ive rebooted the computer and the internet thingy and realy done everything ive found regarding the subject ive tried to fix, and it isnt my own internet provider because ive also tried at other places with other internet providers. And for the moment im using singularity because thats the only one that works and old Phoenix. So what shall i do to be able to use Sl viewer or Firestorm again? And my computer is at tops 3 months old so can't be that it is to old, im about to go insane due to not be able to use the standard im used to lol. Lillith
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