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  1. so basically because i created my own content i can play with no problem, but if i made a remix to the prodigys songs thier law and voodoo people i would need to pay a fee?
  2. Hi first of all i do not know if this belongs here but because it is to do with music i thought it was right to post here. so sorry if it is in the wrong place.... right i want to become a DJ in world. i already make mixes and i produce music myself. but i still have a few questions... 1. if i use music that i have not created for example pendulum/prodigy and other bands/artists what are the laws to play music like that? i have read this :http://creativecommons.org/licenses/by-nc-sa/3.0/us/ and this http://nexeusfatale.com/dj-tips/how-to-dj-in-second-life/ i would just like to know the laws on this before i make my choice.. 2. if for example i can play music without charges, how do i go about getting it played in world? 3. if anyone has more information that would help me out then please let me know Thanks
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