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  1. thx is ok ^^ still no creator in the list LL will put a days the list?
  2. I'm looking for a not too expensive lawyer to be operator im in the world thx
  3. I play the same designer there is no luck factor in the game it is the competence when talking about known games (no devil) in this sript running X1 X2 X3 araigner is write with a percentage X1 must leave 20 percent X2 should get 30 percent X3 ditto everything is predefined in advance the only thing that chance is falling on the machine at the right time ^ ^
  4. all games that takes and gives LS must license too easy to freeplay and change later lol
  5. tall games that you pay and we RECEIVE Ls should be in games area and the owner operator after all those I read
  6. 1) August 1, all games room closed if no creator validate 2) then we validate creator operator may file a request 3) My lawyer asked me a large sum of money if the creators are validated 4) avocal can not do anything before validiter creator because it requires the creator validiter it is a vicious circle
  7. for those who have made the request with a lawyer you have had for how many dollars or euros? because mine asked me an astronomical sum
  8. typing games in research and watch the traffic most German games are filled boot and LL does nothing even with AR yet it is forbidden to leave the practice LL do so it will be the same for the news room
  9. I is part of U.E the fact that the designer must provide legal proof with a lawyer to say that it is legal games are ok places I do not understand how the lawyer will say that it is games are legal you must know the language LSL 1 and understand how the 2 games by cons if he accepts ok after beings must be approved by you ok So why ask the operator also has the same proof that the creator so that the already approved by counsel and LL should not hide the face this is all about money and you want a share of the cake legal advice everyone to protect you Increased area of 345 dollars
  10. I am looking to buy full prim regions. If you need to sell your area let us know. Please send me an IM or NC WITH DETAILS. thank you, Xavier10 albert
  11. I'm Looking To Buy Full Regions. If you need to sell your area let us know. Please send me a NC or IM WITH DETAILS. Thank you, Xavier10 albert
  12. Hello Xavier10 Albert, Thank you for contacting Linden Lab. Regrettably, we are unable to disable an object which we do not have permission to edit nor own. Therefore, we advise that you would disable this object on your end. We apologize for any inconvenience that this may have caused. Thank you,
  13. hank you for contacting Linden Lab. The Lindens that were used to purchase the item were assessed because they came from an unauthorized source. Our decision to assess the Lindens will stand. We apologize for any inconvenience that this may have caused. Thank you, So if I understand well just buy a lot of things to declare his avatard fly and you return your linden dollars and object in your inventory
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