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  1. Will Linden Labs improve efforts to protect Second Life creators from being ripped off by copiers? It seems like not enough is being done now, and the prospect of this getting even less attention from LL as the focus moves to Sansar is very disheartening. Given this track record in Second Life, what protections for creators will exist in Sansar? Will it be like SL is now?
  2. On my Lenovo Win7 PC, now when I try to view a Profile, it comes up in token outline form, not the complete graphics profile. Everything else in SL appears fine, graphics are sharp clear and fast. I did update my video drivers on the Lenovo. Any settings for this?
  3. Can somebody give me some examples of "off the shelf" computer systems that have the CPU speed, RAM, and NVidia graphics hardware and drivers necessary to run SL efficiently? I'm willing to buy a system that will do it, but I don't have time to try to build one up from pieces. Thanks for a couple of suggestions.
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