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  1. I know how to play the system....I pay for a "Group" ...I should be able to determine how many accounts have access to it. You have to look at it from the OS side. Im sure they added a script to monitor the number of accounts that have a partiucular group access and to remove the group if the total mumber of users is less than 2. Why? If I did that in RL, and started removing the directory/folder structures...there would be hell to pay lol oO
  2. "I would guess the reason is that LL as company gets all politically corrrect on terminology and by definition, a Group cannot be one." That's the "People" definition of a group not an IT definition. The operating system does not care how many "people" are in a group.
  3. Just an observation. I am a system admin in RL and manage user accounts / groups in active directory( Windows) and Linux. When I remove users from groups, the OS does not "disband" a group if its empty. That would be a real pain in the arse. I'm tring to understand the logic here in SL. Why do you need 2 users to form a group? I can create an empty group and add as many or as little amount of users as I want at the OS level. Im looking at "Group" from the OS side. I get people that tell me here in SL that you need at least 2 people to be considered as a group. Thats not true in the IT world. Im sure here in SL when you create a group..its done at the OS level and you add users to your group which sets the group permissions and access. So why is a group automatically removed that is determined by a certain amount of users? A group is a group...no matter how many users access it...I own the group. All groups have owners assigned to them. If I spend $100L to create a group in SL, then I should have full access to control how many users I give access to that group. So the people that say you need 2 users are not looking at it from an IT perspective but a "People" perspecitve. I say the 2 user minimum for a SL group is a bunch of BS. You pay for a group.... you should have full access and control without silly minimum user stipulations. Also, if you have 2 users and one user leaves the group, god forbid you have land ..kiss it goodbye. . The point my message here is If I own a group..then I expect unrestricted use of that group. I think LL is trying to apply RL people groups to equate to an OS group.. ...I can see a maximum number of users..but minimum? Thats BS :) So please dont respond with a "People" point of view. R0xx
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