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  1. Ok so I need help...this is stressing me out. I downloaded version of second Life and I have uninstalled it and reinstalled it over 5 times and it has the same problem over and over again... It freezes (or doesn't respond) when it first loads. Right after I click log in, it freezes when it loads and I don't know what to do... Please help
  2. hey everyone my name is Vani. I just got started on Second Life and I've found my way around it pretty well so far....but when I got to the shoes It just gave me a headache. I bought these shoes that allows you to pick the color of the shoes, the nail color, and the skin color using special HUD's. but when i wear those and the boxes pop up to change the color, they don't work. I can't click anything on those boxes and nothing happens. Help me!
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