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  1. Hallo out there. Since a few days my animation overriders ceased working. I use a VISTA Sensual Woman V3.6, and a VISTA Dancing HUD V1. When I try to push buttons on the HUD I just move forward on the screen. Reataching the AOs shows no effect. Easy Tool ceased working, too. Seems everything HUD-like is out of order. Hope anybody has some suggestions how I can fix this. Moving like Pinoccio is so shameful. Please help me. Best regards Max
  2. WOW!!! It work, it works!!! You saved my day and my second life. I would kiss you, if I could. Many thanks.
  3. Hello out there May it be, that I experience the problems mentioned in my thread (http://community.secondlife.com/t5/Second-Life-Server/Friends-landmarks-and-groups-not-loading/td-p/1153547) due to the works at the server? And if so, when will I be able to use SL again? Best regards Maxine
  4. Thing gettin' strange. I opened another account and I am confronted with the same problems. Makes me wonder where exactly the glitch in the system might be.
  5. Good to know I'm not alone. Thought about contacting support, but there are no choices that cover my issue. That sucks.
  6. Hello everybody. Since the 4th of October I encounter severe problems, which make it impossible to use SL properly. My sidebar shows "Nearby" and "Friends" are constantly loading. I get the pictures, but no names. I can't see profiles. I can't send IM. My groups are not shown. My Landmarks are constantly loading. I see the names, but when I try to TP I crash. I'm not receiving notecards, confirmation of friendship and transactions. I can't listen to straems in regions. Other things are working. I tried clearing caches, logging in in another region and reinstallation of the viewer. Has anybody an idea what else to try out? Thanks in advance Max
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