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  1. Hi everyone my name is Aubrey, 5'2 dark hair and tan skin Kim Kardashian-looking. I am looking for a cute and fun loving guy to be around. I just hopped back onto SL. I like dark goth guys, but I am open-minded. Message me on SL thathotcheerleader and we can chat/meetup Thanks!
  2. hellooo i"m devyn, and I'm looking to make more friends in sl. I love music, dancing, & doing crazy things! I love taking risks and I'm super confident, I'm sure we can find something in common :) I just got back on sl, i was on a hiatus for sometime. im me inworld if you want , im not going to be on ALL the time, but yeah!
  3. Hello, I was wondering how can I get started in being a real estate agent in sl? Know any good place where to start, get familiar, etc?
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