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  1. Driving back to work during a dinner break. Picked up a #3 order from Taco Bell (Three Taco Supreme and a Mountain Dew), the radio had the local talker station on and they were discussing this place on the internet where one could be poor in RL but have hundreds of dollars in L$. It was named SECOND LIFE. They mentioned how people would create these avatars and walk around meeting others. Even went as far as saying some would be willing to pay someone else to create an avatar in the exact likeness of the participant.

    Was on and off for a while trying to figure how everything worked until I found a home at a prison (became an inmate). made friends and they assisted in how to get the most out of the experience. SL can have a sharp learning curve for beginners. Stayed after that for years.

    I recently took a five month break but finally went premium and, well, that's my story. Sticking to it too.

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