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  1. I attempt to rez an object on my land and get an error message reading: Unable to create requested object. The region is full. I checked to see what kind of prims I have left and have plenty to work with. What I can see is I'm nowhere close to running out of prim room. Am I missing something?
  2. I'm having areas in various sims flash between there and not there. I noticed it a while ago and saw someone else post here with the same problem. They were told it's a sinple adjustment. I followed suit and the flashing stopped. My question: I can't find the original post here to make the adjustment again. Anyone know where in prefs I uncheck to stop the flashing? Firestorm viewer.
  3. TY Bitsy. I d/l'ed Qavimator. I'll check out some tutorials online and give it a shot. It might be easier to just make the pose than to search. Thanks again,
  4. Apologies if I post this in the wrong forum, but the description is closer to photography than animation. I'm searching for a portrait poseball that would show an individual all dignified (think bank president or judge portrait; "look at me, I'm the cats sh*t"). I can provide the needed chair and background, I just lack the poseball. I've searched MP for such a pose, but came up with nada. I'm sure MP is not the end all of end all in SL poses. hence the request. Can anyone recommend such a poseball?
  5. Bree Giffen wrote: Maybe the SL clubs could use this for verification that you look old enough... Not a great idea..well, maybe on paper... I see a flaw in their theory and I don't think it's the transmission.
  6. A sim I am a member of is suffering periods of bad lag (as opposed to good lag, I suppose). The land parcel capacity is listed at 4921, while the total land impact is listed at 5073. Could the land impact exceeding the total capacity contribute to lag problems? Granted, there are some high prim objects on sim with high land impact numbers. Is there a work around to help alleviate this lag, should the land impact/capacity be contributing?
  7. altsaltalt wrote: I mean today, where everyone has like 1.000 alts :matte-motes-big-grin-wink: Friendship in SL is very much alive and kicking. From personal experience, I have kept in contact with a few close friends over the years. Sure, it's not a high number, but I like to keep it simple, as do they. To be clear, I'm not talking about the friendlist. I'm speaking true friendship that extends above and beyond any RP'ing. Friendship in SL (much like RL) takes an amount of trust on both sides. Violate that trust, the friendship tends to dissapate. As for alts, sure, people create them for one reason or another. I won't delve into that too much. I have one alt. I use it mainly for technical reasons. I'm sure others have a word or two on SL friendship.
  8. Is there a page or area where I could go to and see what each feature on the statistic bar means, a kind of "statistic bar for dummies" thing? I open it up when my puter is running laggy on SL and see all this info being offered but have no idea what it represents. Ping and FPS I understand. The rest of the window eludes my knowledge. Rolig and Lindal, as always, I appreciate the assist.
  9. Had the same problem with a particular store. It turned out the owner was redesigning the store and turned off the TP function until a certain date. Date came and I was able to go back. Store looks great too! It could be as innocent as that.
  10. I had the similar problem with some area that was sold to me. I deleted the group it was assigned to and then remembered the orb was assigned to the former group :smileysurprised:. Everytime I tried to return the orb to myself (I was listed as the original owner), an error message would come up along the lines of "you can't do this, notify the original land owner. Long story short, when a person signed in and who had control over the region (much like the original owner), I explained the problem, She retook/resold me the same area of land. I was able to get the orb back into my inventory. I was then able redeed the orb into the new group :smileyvery-happy: But to be safe, I did have Mr Conover's address, just in case. Contact the original land owner and explain the circumstances. I'll bet they'll return the orb to you.
  11. I suggested an offline platform so one could clear/rearrange inventory so signing in-world isn't necessary, maybe tie it into the Dashboard. We'll see :smileysurprised:
  12. This is more a curious check than a problem. When I recently purchased some lindens, I was sent an email stating my purchase was declined. A few moments later, I recieved another email stating my purchased was completed. A check at my Dashboard revealed this: ---------------- 2014-12-08 12:41:40 LindeX Currency Buy - order_id= 4508356 $10.42 $0.00 2014-12-08 12:41:40 Payment of 10.42 USD, Visa ending with xxxx ($10.42) ($10.42) 2014-12-08 12:41:23 LindeX Currency Buy - order_id=45068355 - Failed ---------------- Notice the failed notification at :23 and a few seconds later at :40, the delivery is complete. I've noticed this before with no problems, getting the linden otherwise. As I mentioned, no problem, just a curiousity factor to why I would be sent a failed message, only to have the linden delivered a few seconds later. :smileyindifferent:
  13. I have recently set up a music stream (yeah, SL needed yet another), which by all accounts, sounds fine. There are times when the music sounds garbled. The digital playback timer appears ok, as if the music is playing at the appropiate speed. I have checked all settings and they seem ok as well. Any idea to what might be causing this garbled playback (buffing?) and any possible way to remedy it? Shoutcast. 128 bitrate, 44100 mhz Thanks Karen. For what it's worth, my ping is 48ms, dl is 9.43 Mbps and ul is 2.93 Mbps, according to Speedtest. I attempted reducing my Shoutcast bitrate output to as low as 56; 44100, with SOME favorable results, but in time, the garble returned. I tried playing a studio CD through Shoutcast to make sure I wasn't doing anything on my editing end (I use Audacity). Garble came again. Any help from those who have had the same problem and solved it, will be appreciated. Both answers are good. Thanks Karen
  14. I've seen the same happen to me when I eject someone from group. For some reason, I IM myself that I just ejected "so and so". I know what I just did. I pay no mind to it.
  15. Odd. I found the same in Chat Prefs as well. Ver A feature so nice, they included it twice! :smileywink:
  16. My down arrow key is not responding, hence, I am unable to walk back or use any item where the down arrow key is needed. I tried clicking the box in pref concerning "AZERTY" but saw no difference when using those keys (yes, I restarted my viewer). I'm currently using FS64 ver Short of removing my keyboard from the laptop and seeing what the trouble MIGHT be, is there a way to reassign the down arrow key to another close by key in SL (perhaps a key I rarely use)? Found it Lindal. The WASD box is in chat prefs, under "Pressing Letter Keys". Will take a little doing to get used to. Thanks for your help.
  17. This has got to be one of the better (if not best) non-hyperbole answers or comments concerning the new Second Life. Down to earth and logical. Thanks Amethyst
  18. I was gifted a Huddles EZ Animator. After following the instructions concerning adding dances, it stopped working or responding. I've deleted some dances from it, thinking they may have been the reason, but they still show in the menu. The unit is frozen. As I said, it won't respond at all now Any suggestions? UPDATE: I tried all suggested here. Reset scripts, detach and reattach, deleting suspected dances (that still appeared on the menu, btw). Nothing seemed to remedy the situation. I ended up deleting the HUD and tossing into the trash. Sending an NC to their "support" did no good, seeing that they have not come online in over a month. Buyer Beware...it worked well until it needed a fix. Shame the sellers (creator?) couldn't give better support. After a google search, I found someone had the same problem at one time. It was suggested to rez the HUD on the ground and bring the scripts over from inventory. Somehow, the scripts got separated from the unit. Problem solved. Thanks all for the assist.
  19. Accept my apologies if this has been covered and I missed it in a search I understand there no way to have poseballs line up perfectly when two avis are involved. There are a number of variables to consider (height for one,..). My question: Is there a near perfect way to adjust poseballs to line up better than they do now, just open and use? I've never tried adjusting a poseball. If allowed, should I make a copy first and then try adjustments (as not to mess up the original file)? Is it a matter of hit and miss whilst adjusting? Any help would be appreciated.
  20. Is there a way to adjust avatar positions to place avi's on pose balls into a more plausible postion, one that look more naturlal?
  21. When logging in earlier today, I noticed my avatar to be half grey (upper torso) while the rest of it seems fine. I went through the steps of rebaking, recreating a new bridge, clearing settings and went as far as a clean reinstall. I check with my singularity viewer and have the same problem. I've tried changing skins and have the same result. The image I show is a basic model, for I tend to dress around this avi and save the results (clothing, ao's, hair etc) in separately named files for quicker changing. And like anything else "it was fine last night when I shut it down for the evening...: :matte-motes-big-grin: UPDATE: When I change to other clothing, items that are worn in the grey area seem to NOT want to be removed. Skin color changes to the proper color. Anyone...?
  22. Can anyone recommend a good blues music stream or something with Frank, Tony, Ella....piano bar type tunage?
  23. I apologize in advance if this is the wrong forum to ask, but can anyone recommend a good blues music stream or something with Frank, Tony, Ella....piano bar type tunage? UPDATE: Done....thanks for the word. Disregard this post
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