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  1. That could be what I was thinking of. I was a noob at the time and vaguely recall seeing questions from some who wanted to hook their own home servers into SL.
  2. Correct me if I am mistaken, but didn't SL at one time allow one to connect a home or extra server to their system. It required a strict criteria to hook in. Then one day SL said no more.
  3. Not necessarily the truth. I purchased a male and female from KittyCats and mated them. My goal was to get a teacup size. I did succeed in producing some petite size kittys with some unusual traits from the original parentage but nothing original. That can be done, be it tail, eyes, ears, even twins. I have plenty of Panda cats and others but they don't offer any significant looks. Bottom line, any cats that were far from the original mating ended up being given as gifts and I still have about 18 cats in inventory for any future attempt or gift giving. Sure, it's expensive but I had fun. A look at MP will show MANY cats offered for sale not directly from KittyCats.
  4. I found what works for me is to set my security orb to "passive". No ugly "you have X seconds to go" bubbles and no one gets booted rudely. It lets me know who has been around and for how long, most times showing 0-1 in minutes. This tells me they were probably boating by or flying over. If I begin to see a pattern of revisits and times are getting longer by the same person, then I send em home. I had two drop in and stay for three hours at one time. They went on the ban list in a heartbeat. Same with bots. A few of those too are sent back to whereas they came from. I pay rent for my entertainment and not for someone to come and hang out (unless I know them). I dislike ban lines as much as the next person for the reasons stated here. Out boating or flying, having a proper speed going to transit sim lines smoothly and everything is fine, then BOOM, "You have 20 seconds...". That harshes the mood.
  5. "All right, all right, all right" *two words stated three times
  6. I use an orb set to passive. Where I live, it's possible for some to boat by just glancing my area and the orb tells me. No big deal by itself. Same if someone TP's in and sticks around for maybe five minutes. I don't sweat the small sh**. If I begin to see a pattern of returning with longer and longer times by someone I don't know, I place them on the list. One particular qualification that will get one on the list is if they are a bot. That gets you thrown off with no appeal possible.
  7. CharlieMack

    Slow down

    Thank you Wulfie and Ethan for the responses.
  8. CharlieMack

    Slow down

    This is more a curiosity question than an immediate need one. I'm out and about doing some shopping and suddenly my avi slows down to an incredible slow pace, almost stopping at times. It doesn't happen in most sims or regions but in areas that sell items offering multiple textured finishes (Blueberry or Vinyl for instance. Not knocking what they offer). I can see it happening to others if I am standing still; other avis come to a quick crawl before speed kicks up again. It happens when there is a number of customers or two or three. Erratica, 7 Deadly S[k]ins and Truth are other locations I have suffered speed problems. I am not criticizing the shops for they do offer well prepared product. My FPS is good as is my ping and other basic readings. It's the sudden lack of walking speed that has me wondering. Any ideas?
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