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  1. Reminds me of a female long hair I had for 12 years. She would be asleep in the middle of the bedroom on her back, her purr sounding like a stalling Cessna and wake me from a dead sleep. Princess (named by the local humane society) was a true babe. I miss her.
  2. That's how I started out. Grab some freebie outfits ("love the shirt, hate the pants" and then mix and match ("oh look over there. Love the pants, hate the shirt"). Soonest, some choices just went so well with other choices (separate free stuff, mind you). Skell is quite correct. Took me quite awhile to finally go for the L$ route and purchase some high quality threads. If you have an eye for fashion (I don't. I just liked how the clothing would complement itself), take your time.
  3. I've noticed the absence of Cajun and Zydeco music here.
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