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  1. I was looking for a good refurbished machine. Something with a few hooves under the hood. One site I constantly checked was Fry's Electronics. They offer rebuilt puters both desk and lap. The prices are considerably less expensive and come with some kind of warranty. Check their website to see if a location is close to you (assuming you live in the US) and you can order online and pick up (or shipped, up to you). Long story short, I found an HP that I liked at, of all places, Walmart. They deal in refurbished as well. I ended up buying a brand new puter instead. Reason being after getting a refurbished unit, I would need a monitor. This came with everything I needed (was on special). Had a GeForce 1050 card installed and off I went. If you go with one of my suggestions, be careful. You may find one you like but could be sold the next day. Check em out, look for some that you are looking for (or close to it) and act as quickly that your financing will allow. Great deals go fast.
  2. Reminds me of a female long hair I had for 12 years. She would be asleep in the middle of the bedroom on her back, her purr sounding like a stalling Cessna and wake me from a dead sleep. Princess (named by the local humane society) was a true babe. I miss her.
  3. That's how I started out. Grab some freebie outfits ("love the shirt, hate the pants" and then mix and match ("oh look over there. Love the pants, hate the shirt"). Soonest, some choices just went so well with other choices (separate free stuff, mind you). Skell is quite correct. Took me quite awhile to finally go for the L$ route and purchase some high quality threads. If you have an eye for fashion (I don't. I just liked how the clothing would complement itself), take your time.
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