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  1. Paula always uses Stanley's earmuffs. E A G L E
  2. Annies new soup was incredible. M N O P Q
  3. I'm binging Ricky Gervais "After Life" I will never hear Elton John "Rocket Man" the same way again. This series is f***ing incredible.
  4. Charting a course in the North Sea, under Sailors Delight skies.
  5. Bob Observes All Tacos Sold D E R M A
  6. Anyone have a good suggestion to where I can ride my horse that includes nice scenery for picture taking?
  7. Paul laid an Irish daughter. M I C K Y
  8. Watching this channel is hilarious. I have no connection to the owner of the channel. But if you enjoy scammers getting burned, I suggest this as a start.
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