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  1. For a freebie, they are cute. Overall, the Access event didn't really offer anything that grabbed my attention.
  2. Circuit City I miss their brick and mortar stores. I'd get my puter stuff from them and CompUSA, another computer store that bit the dust.
  3. Yay for the Raptors! The GSW (Golden State Warriors, not gun shot wound) dynasty is done.
  4. I've TP'ed into many a strange area. Never into my shrubs.
  5. I have my moments. Hanging with friends is all fine and dandy, but being off by oneself can be relaxing and adventurous at the same time.
  6. Yes! I was going in the reverse order (wearing first) and could not locate "attach to". TY Pandora
  7. I just purchased a guitar at MP. The info that came with it say it's by default "attached" to the groin. The problem is that it's really attached to my right hand. Looks really funky to wear, saying the least. How does one change attach points?
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