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  1. I have the TV setup and controls on it set, but my viewer (FS) shows no media or sound for my parcel. What else do I need to do? I don't see how to reply to Lindall's post, so I'll reply here. Thank you, Lindall for your reply. The land is in my name, not a groups.. Still at square 1, trying to figure this out. 6-8-2014: Lindal, thanks so much for your help. I don't have it working yet, but I do appreciate all the help you have provided. I have the media type, under "About Land", set to "Web content". What shows out beside that is "text/html". I think I have the screen set to what it should be in the same section. The Media URL is "nathomecenter.com". It seems I can't play video or audio anywhere. ?????????? Why is this I wonder? I am being notified at every where I go that the media and audio is being blocked. ????????? I went to NHC's store to see if I could play their TV there, but I can't. 6-8-2014: It's now working. I had to uncheck "Enable Media Filter" under "Sound and Media" in Preferences. Thanks so much for all your help. It is very much appreciated.
  2. "Check if you haven't activated movelock: (ctrl-alt-P)" Thank you. It was activated. I can move the avi now.
  3. My avi is stuck. It will rotate in place, but i can't move it. If I tp, I arrive in a flying mode which I can't stop. The avi never lands. Anybody else have this problem? Using FS Beta But, the same thing happens in the SL viewer as well. Windows 7, 64 Bit, Home Premium, Asus G55VW, Core i7-3610QM CPU @ 2.3Ghz, 12 Gigs RAM, 2 Gig Nvdia Geforce GTX 660M
  4. Fine. I have the same laptop I had when I came to SL a year and a half ago. The lag is a lot worse now, especially in the last 6 weeks. Not signing in much anymore due to not being able to rezz, move, etc. If that suits LL, it suits me. I hope they go out of business.
  5. I don't remember using the card on 10/23. The amount of $1 US is odd because when I buy Linden dollars, I can only buy a minimum of 546 or about lindens which come s to about $2.50 US. So, why am I being charge $1 for a transaction I don't believe I made? I did add credit card info to an account on that date. Do they charge for that? Otherwise, this appears to me to be a bogus charge I dont' owe. The transaction only shows up on my credit card account but does not show up on any of my SL transactions. ?????
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