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  1. Yes. I took leave while BOM was being discussed and readied. In fact, my last post here is from 2016 (gotta love profiles). The Maitreya body (5.3?) comes with a BOM hud. I suppose if I find a quiet area and just play with the different buttons, I'll figure this onion layer reference. Sometimes it's best to just jump in and get the feet wet to learn. I'll of course back up my Maitreya body before demoing.
  2. I have been MIA for a number of years and decided to come back and upgrade to all mesh. I purchased an Maitreya body and a head from LAQ. Very happy with what will be a major overhaul. My question concerns BOM. Is there a tutorial available to guide me in applying BOM, a "BOM for Dummies" thing? The head came with BOM appliers but at the bottom of the features, it included a standard skin color applier with scaled shades to use (1, 1.5. 2, 2.5...). I'm using that scale for now. Apologies if this subject has come up before and I'm just rehashing a repetitive question. As I mentioned, been away for a few years and getting back on my feet, so to speak. I thank you in advance.
  3. Go back to the store and see if they have a redelivery terminal. If they do have one, simply click on it. If their records are accurate, they will show you having a prior order. If they don't offer a redelivery option, send a POLITE NC to the owner of the store, explaining the circumstances.They very well could just resend you the item. For your in-world purchases, go to your dashboard and click account>L$ Transaction History. Any in-world transactions will show there (up to last 30 [my bad] 32 days). If you send an NC, remember, this is a holiday weekend world-wide. Give them a few days to respond.
  4. Have you tried blocking/muting the offender(s)? They can bother you to ther hearts content and it won't reach you if you blacklist them. Try that and see if there is another nude region in SL that would meet your liking. SL has its share of freaks and griefers who feed on emotions. The key is not to respond or acknowledge them in any way. If you have blocked and said a simple "hi" to one, that releases them from the mute list. Place their name on the list and walk away, PERIOD.
  5. Seriously, LL will tend to view this as a resident to resident dispute. It's doubtful they will get involved. You and the wife can block the individual and not hear anything else again, provided you or the wife not respond. This is what the romeo is betting on. Off the record...grow a pair and stand up for your woman. BTW, a sign up date of today goes against your statement of a wife over two years unless you're talking RL. If that's the case, more reason to block the griefer.
  6. Amethyst explained it well. If someone sent you a gift by mistake, enjoy it or delete it. If you suspect someone is sending you frauduently obtained L$, then file a report and send the L$ to Governor Linden. This way, you will have a record of the transactions and be covering yourself at the same time. That's my suggestion.
  7. sirhc DeSantis wrote: Well if we are in an "its about time LL...." mood, its about time the Lab gave everyone a free pony too. They have my email so can send me the details. Be patient, there are only so many free ponys to go around. As for the OP Mr Wingtips, others have pointed out LL does enough to keep SL up and running. They don't need no "stinkin'" email servers to worry of. Get a gmail account. Problem solved.
  8. Short answer: File a ticket and ask the sim be reopened for those who lost inventory due to whatever reason LL sites in closing it. Long answer: Stick around and someone can advise you better on the process. I wish I could tell you the complete procedure.
  9. http://www.timeanddate.com/worldclock/converter.html This coud be useful.
  10. From your profile: "and that game where you try to f*** with another persons head for fun is cool too but i only do it with ex girlfriends" doesn't help your defense. I doubt LL would suspend unless they feel they have solid ground. Jus' sayin'.
  11. Looking at your profile, I see you are just six says old in SL. Some sims use age detectors to filter out those less that 30 days old. Why? Various reasons include keeping griefers from retuning using an alternate throw away account, made up after getting a boot, and coming bach to continue their charades. My suggestion is make a list of places you wish to see and go back after your first 30 days has passed. The prohibition has nothing to do with your RL age. Your SL age is key. Welcome to Second Life.
  12. Check Grid Status page first... [Posted 2:30 PM PDT, 15 July 2016] We are performing an unscheduled maintenance to our login systems. Some residents may have difficulty logging during this time. Please keep an eye on this blog for further details. https://community.secondlife.com/t5/Status-Grid/bg-p/status-blog Just be patient.
  13. Syo Emerald wrote: But the spambots are back in town. Why do I suddenly have Thin Lizzy playing in my head?
  14. One effective way I found is IM someone you know is offline with a simple "Hi!". The response will be User not online - message will be stored and delivered later. Cut and paste that into the autoresponse box (located at privacy settings) and then in Online Status (in the Comm section, top left corner in Firestorm), check "Autorespond". Check off all those you wish to be not bothered with (on your friendlist) and jam with your music. You can catch up with those you recheck as showing online again later You must uncheck Autorespond upon your return to being social or all IM's will get that response.
  15. Whirly Fizzle wrote: What's your budget? Maybe $500-$750 for the machine and work from there. If I can find a higher end puter on sale, then it's a no brainer. Thank you all for your responses
  16. I had the same problem (Sing and FS). I restarted my puter and tried again. It churned on "Logging In" for long while and finally the gates opened and it was festival seating after that. Good luck. Just keep trying.
  17. I'm planning on replacing my current laptop with a new desktop in the next few weeks with a middle of the line HP. My questions include what graphics card would one recommend? The answers I've found here were outdated (some as far back as 2011). I'm aware some have done what I am doing, buying a middle line puter and then adding their own touch to enhance the SL experience to it's fullest, maybe not ultra levels but darn close. I'm currently running in low-med low (sometimes med, depends on the sim) levels. This lappy is tired. I'm also aware that SL has recommended system requirements, but I would like to have a insightful view before I purchase. Any recommedations or ideas I should look for?
  18. I recently purchased a full perm denim jacket to work on and hone my texturing skills and have found when I go to Beta, the file for the jacket doesn't show in inventory. I've created a separate folder with the jacket already worked on and it doesn't show either in Beta. Both files show while in-world. Can anyone explain a possible workaround and why they these files fail to show at SLBeta? Thank you Rolig!!!
  19. A quick search of MP showed four impersonator huds on the first page. I saw one in action once. Nice little tool really if used right. One problem I saw was it showed the user name of the avatar it was trying to impersonate. That's fine if the SL name and user name are the same. Otherwise, if one were using an SL name, it showed a major flaw. It was easy to pick the phony dialog out of the legit chat.
  20. Apologies if this has been covered before and I overlooked it in search. Is it possible to reset the minimap in Singularity back to default coverage? Like the Three Bears story with Goldilocks (damn socialists, but that's another thread in a separarte forum), the size is either too small or the coverage is too vast. The medium setting just misses the mark. Can the default be reset? I found the area coverage there just right. A bowl of porridge for any help.
  21. Magnus Brody wrote: There is the weirdest echo in here. I am looking for a friendly penguin family to waddle about in that way they do. I'd rather like fish and sharing of fish catching stories. At other times, I should like to go off and indulge in my other hobby: pretending to be other people, and yet with the same goal, the penguin thing. Hang in there, Magnus. Somewhere is a penguin family ready to take you under their wing.
  22. Is there a way to detect whether an RP'er is using an illegal viewer, other than an approved one (SL, FS or Singularity to name a few)? The sim I call home has been griefed by some, who allegedly are using illegal viewers, to get around security features. Perhaps there's a "detector" available?
  23. Perrie Juran wrote: Carl Thibodeaux wrote: Bobbie Faulds wrote: Ya know...every time this happens people come running to the forum...the sky is falling, I can't get in....it there something wrong?....SL has a grid status page at http://status.secondlifegrid.net/ You can also get there from you dashboard. If you checked there first instead of running in here, you'd save yourself a lot of anxiety... Just Sayin... Problem is they didn't update it for like 30-45mins after everyone crashed. I was In World while all this was going on and never crashed myself so was unaware of it until I happened to glance at the Forums. Before they can sound the Alarm they have to first become aware of the problem and do a triage. So we do need to allow them a few minutes to that. But then they need to contact whoever it is that has the ability to update the Grid Status. They were probably in bed bumping pixels with a (The SL Devs, who are a separate team from Operations have told us they are not able to update Grid Status. Kind of silly if you ask me because they are the ones responsible for the rolling restarts and on occasion it's been several hours after they finished before the status has been updated.) Someone needs to roll off the bisexual furry skunk and answer their phone promptly.. Makes it difficult to see what might the problem be when this comes up...
  24. Bobbie Faulds wrote: Ya know...every time this happens people come running to the forum...the sky is falling, I can't get in....it there something wrong?....SL has a grid status page at http://status.secondlifegrid.net/ You can also get there from you dashboard. If you checked there first instead of running in here, you'd save yourself a lot of anxiety... Just Sayin... I see a problem in your theory. I did not make this up.
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