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  1. Thanks. The units are setup ok. Just turned out the SLAV importer seemed to have the default setting at 40x the scale needed... (little text input box when running the script in Max) Grrrr hehe back to redoing the whole friggin thing from scratch.
  2. Hi, I'm using the Wiz Daxter script to import my avatar into 3DS Max 2011. Works fine. I make clothing based on that mesh. Works fine too. Skinned it, added all the bones to the skin modifier, textured it. It's all good. Export no problems either. I also edited the DAE file so it has all the bones listed. When I import the mesh into SL however it turns out way big. Like 100 times the size it should be. I tried scaling down the rigged avatar to 1.80 meters in Max, same problem. I tried exporting a pre-made bodypart from the avatar directly, same issue. Does anyone know what's going on here?
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