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  1. I have the https://marketplace.secondlife.com/p/More-Imaginary-Seats-on-one-Prim/2859530 it is supposed to sit morethan one avatar butu it won't. would this fall under the no room to sit catagory? I am preplexed.
  2. I do everything from cakes to dresses and veils to flowers and rings. Name it I can come up with it. Send me a notecard in world if you are interested.
  3. I have skins and can create them as well. Contact me if you aree interested cost is reasonable.
  4. Hi Marjolaine , I can possibly help you with your uniforms. I am a creator and own a shop in second life, Virtual Whimsy, and I do custom work. Please send me a notecard with a picture of what your are looking for and any partticulars and I will be happy yto take a look. Harlow Littleboots
  5. Iam loking for someone to write interactive scripts, prim animators and several other items for a project I am working on. This is for an interactive prim baby project, though it will be some what different from what is curretnly on the market. Please contact me Inworld via notecard and please be prepared with an example of your work or portfolio. Reasonable fees and experience will be considred. This is not limited to a single scriptor. I am williung to entertain more than one person if the area of expertise is noteworthy. Thank you Harlow Littleboots
  6. Please contact me via notecard INworld if you are still seeking an AD Pro. I would be interested and have years of experience in rl as well as sl working advertizing and PR as well as marketing. Thanks =)
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