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  1. Hi Conifer, In some ways that does kinda sound like it would make some sence in order for them to save money. And quite a few club owners also work as DJs and some of them will provide their own hosting. Although using an Alt for this role would be counter productive. Both the roles of the DJ and the host can make for a very busy time, so combining them on one Avatar would be hard enough, but using two at the same time would just add to the confusion. There are also times when a host either does not make it for their shift, or because of the inevidble SL crash, leaves a DJ without a host. Situations like these are not usually good for the DJs bottom line, because like was said already asking for a tip for another is OK with most people, but asking for one for yourself is considered by many as begging and frowned upon. So the benefits of them not having a host would be not paying the a couple hundred lindens, the negatives are that it can make the DJ a lot less productive, overworked and making a lot less money for themselves. See Ya.
  2. I know it has been a couple of weeks since this was last posted on, however I would like to say a couple of things. First, I am now working as a hostess, and I am not desperate for money. I never ask for a tip, and before I became a hostess I thought basically the same thing. But it can be a lot of work to do a small two hour event, even something as simple as a "Best in..." As has already been mentioned before there are lots of other things that happen behind the scenes that most are not aware of. And since anything special as far as events would probably come out of my pockets, it is very difficult to make events like I would like to, especially when you work for over 2 hours for 200-300$L, that ends up being like .40 cent per hour. You are never required to tip anyone. And Marcus, if you tell the Host/Hostess that you would prefer no greeting they may be perfectly content to ignore your presence. You say that you like the conversations, well I can tell you that most of the time if no host is there the conversations all end up with everyone in Aims. That camaraderie that you mention is usually at least in part because of the host. I am not saying that hosts/hostesses should always be tipped, but if the DC is the only one that deserves a tip, then ask some Des about the value of a good host/hostess. A lot of DJ's will not work without a good host, because like or not, DC tips suffer greatly when there is nobody there to remind people to tip them. And just like myself never asking for a tip, the best DJ's do not ask for themselves either. Many times the majority of the time during these events is helping newbies out with understanding how everything works. And if you will think back, newbies rarely have money. I do not do this for my .40 cents an hour, actually less when you consider that there is time spent before the event to get it ready. I do this because I enjoy people, at least most of them. If people want to see more of the higher end events then start giving money to the clubs. A club is essentially a hole to throw money into, they are usually there to keep traffic high to be able to rent some parcels around them in hopes to minimize the owners cost of the sim. And Cato, I feel sorry for you. You can think what I do is demeaning if you want to, but if you spent a little time to get to know someone you might actually form a real relationship with the real person behind that avatar. I take pride in the service I provide, not all do, but most of the good ones do take pride in their work. Matty, I hate gestures, they are only good for making the local chat useless for anything but gestures, and I really hate the ones that make noise of the DC and music. "Hoolaalaa, I hate those things"
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