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  1. Hello Guys Why SecondLife Viewer dose not support crossfire graphic cards ?? i have 2 cards AMD Readeon 7790HD and i can't get full power of cards :( really disappointed hope to look and solve this issue in the next Viewer Version Thanx LindenLab
  2. hi guys i try to upload picture or even save it on my pc it let me crash :( anyhelp please ? i tried many viewers and the same problem
  3. wohooooo the problem solved after uninstall my driver and download version 12.8 and install again ... tthank you guys very much
  4. yes my cart Sapphire Redeon HD 7970OC and i have power supply 750W is that enough or i need higher ? when i click on check my update they said u have the latest driver so what can i do ? i remove my driver and downlowd it again or what ??
  5. hey guys please i need help i have ghraphic cart 7970OC and when i open Depth of faild on i found cross line i dont know why ??!! am gonna upload the pic to see what i mean http://img268.imageshack.us/img268/5706/11791995.jpg please any Advice ?? Thank you
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