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  1. Don't worry, my friend. I'm an American too, born and raised. Everyone in the world always has a level of ignorance, but I'm directing towards the Americans who are pro-racism (KKK or Neo-Nazi Movement, as examples) and where their ignorance is bliss to them.
  2. Nice thinking. Now that's the true mind of businessmen and women. But still, not all griefers should be accounted for. Just... the dopes who ruined the charity event.
  3. Now, let's not be brash. This was only one group of griefers. One group, dimwitted and arrogant, and plain stupid. We shouldn't justify every griefer as a charity bomber. Then we'll just be like them. There are griefers out there (and I know quite a few) who have a limit when it comes to their griefing. I applaud them for their sincerity.
  4. (( I'd love to be apart of this. I enjoy roleplaying. It keeps me busy and allows me to explemify my imagination. If you don't mind, I would like to begin a scenario. Dark and gloomy, yes... *clears throat* )) The night was cold. Raindrops fell like sorrowful tears of those who mourn their dead. Lights brought the city to life, allowing it to stand. The sound of cars honking their horns and police cars flashing their lights and their sirens blasted across downtown. New York City; it is truly the city that never sleeps. Many were still awake, going off to their fancy clubs in their expensive c
  5. Griefers usually consist of newbie residents, who think of Second Life as the nerd's paradise, consisting of fantasy, virtual sex, furryisy/yiffying, bondage, and somethings even I don't want to mention, all though partially true, similar to the behavior of ignorant Americans who would see all Muslims as fanatics where there sole purpose is to destroy "Infidels". They are too brash and impatient to know what the word means, and/or getting to know Muslims who do not side with such activities. (Simplified Version: You - Good Resident / Muslim not siding with fanatics Griefers - Ignorant, bra
  6. I want to feel as though I have purpose in the virtual community. In order to do so, I ask you wonderful residents to give me some advice, or a collosal amount of information about programs, video tutorials, etc. Maybe even a ventrillo. Please don't link me to the Second Life wiki, because I find it to be insufficient. :/ P.S. I'm distracted to Steve Wilkos Show. I'm mesmerized... o.o
  7. I'm a semi-noob. Before I made an official account, I shared one with a friend who was in College. She just role-played most of the time, and built to kill time. I probably won't step foot onto the virtual land until I get a job. SAT's are coming up, so I'm keeping both eyes on the prize. I shouldn't really worry. I got an 1800 on my PSAT. I just need to learn to pay attention more. . Yes, I did just go off topic. Cheers for off-topic!
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