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  1. I lose the original size of the pictures load in sl For example my original photo 700X512 and it converts to 512x512. not this ever happened, is happening a few weeks. screen upload textures there a tick optimizes and compress the pictures ... and can not remove the check mark. why? can someone please help me:matte-motes-crying:? thanks much:matte-motes-big-grin: sorry for my bad inglish:matte-motes-tongue:
  2. Sorry for my English! translated by google translator. Since last night I have big problems to upload mesh in sl! crazy things are happening, for example, I load mesh in Second Life beta testing ... and what happens? everything is loaded in SecondLife not in beta testing! this is crazy! then if I go OFF second lifeil and rest only on beta testing gives me this error ...... MAV_BLOCK_MISSING and in no way allows loading mesh! to some of you is this happening?:robotsad:
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    Da ormai quasi 3 ore che mi da l'errore DNS - si risolvera presto o meglio andare a dormire ?
  4. salve , stessa cosa non riesco a collegarmi da piu di un paio di ore errore DNS
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