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  1. Hello, Im having really weird problems with my group. Im creator and have my store, and group for the store. I have found out that people are keep sending chat advertisements when im not online and in chat history i cant see anyone wrote anything except my notices. It is weird cause i unchecked option for 'Everyone' in the group that they can't join the chat but they still can. Advertising is not allowed in my group and I never noticed this issue before few minutes a go when I have found that out. Please help, and thanks in advance!
  2. Hello, I need custom mesh maker/creator for specific type of dress. If you are interested pls contact me inworld on nxraven resident. I will show you the picture of the dress so you can see what it is and if you can make it. Thanks very much in advance! Raven
  3. Hello Im currently hiring in-store models for my store and need 2 female models. Requirements: ❖ Must be at least 6 months old ❖ Must have professional model shape, quality skin and hair ❖ Must know how to be prim perfect, how to style and how to use poses for additional outfits ❖ Fluent english is required ❖ Only human female avatars will be considered ❖ Must be available on SL at least 4 hours in week for work ❖ Have to be professional, greet and help costumers when needed If you are interested or have any questions contact me by sending a NC. Please send a NC with your short CV, recent picture (Headshot and Bodyshot) on nxraven Resident inworld cause messages often get capped. *Payment is only in clothes at the moment, which means you will get latest item from a store each week for work + one item you like from the store each week. Slurl to CASTIEL store: http://maps.secondlife.com/secondlife/Ocelot%20Valley/60/145/1355 Thank you!
  4. Hi Im professional model, designer and builder. I also do model shapes and i do them modeled by some RL model. if you want to see some of them already finished you can contact me inworld via NC pls cause messages often get capped. Hope to hear from you! Raven
  5. Thank you very much for your reply! I checked my transaction history and it says that the money is given but my money balance stays the same like it was. Its really strange tho.. then again that some people joined it says that they got the group gift (which cannot be given if u dont enter the group) but it doesnt show that they payed for entering the group neither i got the money
  6. Hello i setup new group before few weeks a go that i wanted to use for my store and gifts. Its payed group not much but as the gifts are mesh and HQ i think some small price to join a group is fair enough. Few people joined group but i dint get any L from that. I checked all in group preferences and 'show in search', 'anyone can join' and cost to join is all checked but i just checked with a friend she pays to join and no lindens are going to me. Can u please help. Thanks very much in advance!
  7. Well sorry for putting the script here i deleted the script part in my post ...and thank you for help!
  8. Hello Im looking for split profit script to split 50% of my sales with my friend. I need it to put inside my vendor. I tried about 30 scripts and always get 'syntax error' so please i need one that really works. I have this script below, but when i put it in my vendor it gives me a real price of my object and below 'or, choose amount' where everyone can put like 1L and dont get the item :/. Sorry im not really into scripting... Thank you
  9. Thank you very much for your reply but I have found a parcel.
  10. Hello! I'm builder and MP and inworld store owner for quite a while and since the sim where my store was is closed, I'm currently looking for a small parcel or small shop for rent. I have also a business exchange offer so if you are interested to rent me a space for free you will get 50% payment from all my items sales (script for splitting money will be placed in every item i have in my store). If you are interested in this please contact me inworld. Thank you!
  11. nxraven

    CLOSED topic!

    Sure np but if u have an offer or looking for roomate you can post here on forum as well
  12. nxraven

    CLOSED topic!

    Thanks for info but i dont need bigger place and price is pretty good for me as well the reason im looking for roomate is not a price of the apartment but the fact im not at home very often thats why i dont need villa or anything bigger
  13. nxraven

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    Yes ill contact you as well lol
  14. nxraven

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    Yes of course i will contact you inworld. Apartment comes almost fully furnished with mesh furniture but not with this furniture this is all mine. Full privacy and no problems with other residents at all.
  15. nxraven

    CLOSED topic!

    Hello Im currently looking for roomate (females only) who will share my Paris apartment with me. Rent will be payed 50-50% which means that you will need to pay 112L p/w as the rent is 225L p/w full. I'm looking for someone reliable, friendly and privacy respecful. I will not accept people who will use the appartment for any business services or pairs, just a person who need a place for living or looking for a roomate as well and can't afford expensive but good looking apartment. The reason Im looking for roomate is that i'm not at my home very often cause im busy working. Apartment is full furnished so you wont need any furniture but if you like to change some of my furniture we can discuss. Since the apartments and land are pretty much expensive for most of SL residents and most of them just only need a place for living and bring friends without spending too much money, i would love to share my apartment with someone who need that. Please contact me inworld if you are interested on: nxraven Resident If you get my busy/away message I will contact you as soon as possible but as messages often get capped its better to send a NC. Pics of my apartment are below. Thank you!
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