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  1. I have several properties for sale but the search does not list them. All of them have the search for 30 lindens button for sale. The one property that is listed is listed wrong because I have updated my listing but the search does not reflect that. How do I fix that or is this something I need to report? Has any one else had this problem? Kato
  2. I bought land on auction and have just discovered that, some one left an object that teleports avatars to their business, but blocks them from leaving, or using their control panels. It locks then in the view of what the avatar sees and does not let them out of that view. It even affects how to other programs out side of Second Life, for instance when you are trying to close second life to restart. It is invisible, until you hover over it. There are no prims, and I have returned to owners all objects manually. I have blocked guests and all editing except from me, but I can't get it off. What i
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