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  1. okay so my textures reback every few seconds or minute. Not just my avatar but wall textures, object textures, and anyting that has a texture gets fuzzy and then clear over and over its rather bothersome when I take photos and I just want things to look clear. theres a pic of my comp info if that helps..
  2. so I own a some land and my family uses it. I put a sky box in the sky for me and my hubby to use for when we want "alnoe" time I dont want the kids to be able to use it. I know how to sub-divide land on ground but how do i do it in the sky ? any help plesease :)
  3. SO I use Firestorm and randomly last night 3-16-13 it crashed a few times while I was trying to edit items or things attatched to me. I went to bed hiping the problem would just fix it self. Today i tried moving things around my home and it worked so I thought it was fixed... I was wrong sadly. it seems I can move a object around only so many times. Its drving me crazy here is a picture of the error it's giving me. can any please help? http://i1299.photobucket.com/albums/ag70/Lilly_Cyberstar/crash_zps799b5d4c.png
  4. i tried that and i got a odd little box for all the names ):
  5. I need to copy and past all my friends to a note card but when i do this it pasts as calling cards ): I need just plain text can any one help me T_T and i dont want to do it one at a time that would take me forever. I hacve tried pasting it in note pad and still nothing i have pasted in word all and still get nothing ):
  6. So I use SLv2 and I have the white dot, and in prefences I get the green bars BUT no one hears me, I can hear others just fne, And my mic works on Skype perfect so idk what isup someone pls help ):
  7. I have been have this problem for a good while now "unable to conect o simulator" i asked here first and was told that this problem was happening because Im am the owner of a group that i used illegal characters in my owner group tag. To fix the problem i am to ask all memebers to leave so the group can be deleted in 48 hours. Simple i know and i did this BUT one member will not be coming back to SL so Im am stuck now. SO I went to Linden Labs for help after looking and asking if anything else can be done. And Linden labs pretty much told me to go **bleep** my self cuz i dont pay the
  8. unable to connect to simulator (no one is leaving the goup I own) so what do I do now ):
  9. When ever i try to log in I get this "unable to connect to simulator" can any one help plz ):
  10. When ever i try to log in I get this "unable to connect to simulator" can any one help plz ): Also It lets me log into my alt sukii resident just having this problem with my main Tuski
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