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  1. No, I use Norton Internet Security
  2. I downloaded the latest sl viewer after deleting the prior one, foolishly letting the deinstaller remove all the files, and now I can't see my mesh body...it just gives off these weird pointed things that look like lances. I've tried changing all the settings I can think of...render volume lod to 4, meshmax to 100...hardware skinning checked...Ihope someone can help!
  3. Writers' Contest! PCX Adult Arts and Literature is sponsoring a REAL LIFE story telling event on November 1st, “Day of the Dead”. Weave spine-chilling tales or share REAL LIFE experience(s), which puts you in the running for SIX randomly chosen chances to win L$, plus your story will be read by one of our readers, unless you opt to read it for us, following the Dia de Muertos music & dancing. Details can be found at the PCX Library in Second Life http:/secondlife://AVANT/181/47/28 http://pcxeroticarts.com/
  4. Located on the oldest SL continent, this lovely gently sloping property is on a quiet cove of navigable water. 3072 sqm 703 prims 8000$L
  5. Have been in Sl for quite a while, but have not tried RP. I've read three of John Norman 's books, and am interested in Gorean rp. Can anyone tell me where to begin -- perhaps a sim that would welcome rp "newbies", or one that offers training or mentoring?
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